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Selectable Output Wall Speaker Strobes offer a wide range of options and the capability to self adjust for or 24 volt strobe operation along with the sound expected from SpectrAlert speaker technology Selectable Output Strobe combined with SP200 speaker and 70.7 volt speaker with four field selectable power taps or 24V operation Wide range of candela options 15 and 15 75 candela options 15 15 75 30 75 and 110 candela options Module with broad frequency response range for use in outdoor environments per UL 50 NEMA 3R candela selection Listings SpectrAlert Selectable Output Outdoor Speaker offer reliable operation over the entire temperature range of to 151 They may be used indoors or outdoors in wet or dry In addition these speakers provide a broad frequency range and low harmonic distortion to provide an accurate intelligible broadcast of evacuation messages High sound level at all tap settings ensures that messages are clearly SpectrAlert Selectable Output Outdoor Speaker are supplied with their own weatherproof back box SpectrAlert Selectable Output Outdoor Speaker Strobes a broad range of candela options In addition the 15 cd and cd options can operate on either 12V or 24V with no setting the device recognizes and self adjusts to the correct automatically The speaker voltage either 25.0 or 70.7 and tap settings either 1 4 1 2 1 or 2 watt are field selectable for flexibility SpectrAlert Selectable Output Outdoor Speaker incorporate the same stylish low profile design of the SpectrAlert products for a consistent and aesthetically appearance across the entire product line Outdoor Speaker Strobe Specifications Specifications be capable of operating at 25.0 or 70.7 nominal Vrms and shall have a frequency range of 400 4000 Hz Speaker shall have power taps that are selected shunts The strobe shall consist of a xenon flash tube with associated lens reflector system and operate on either 12V or 24V The strobe shall also feature candela output providing options for 15 or 15 75 candela when operating on 12V and 15 15 75 30 75 or 110 when operating on 24V The strobe comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirement for visible signaling appliances flashing at 1 Hz over the strobe entire operating voltage The speaker strobe must be installed with its weatherproof backbox in order to remain outdoor approved per UL The speaker strobe shall be suitable for in wet environments Specifications Temperature Box Specifications Operating Voltage Terminals Voltage Range Voltage Range Sync Module Specifications Voltage Terminals Range or 70.7 Vrms nominal to 18 AWG 4000 Hz speakers are UL listed from 400 to 4000Hz but will provide an output from 500 to 13,000Hz dB 1 2 1 and 2 watts 81 4 21 4 124mm 210mm 57mm to 150.8 to 18 AWG 8 24V 16 Taps Patent No levels for each transformer power tap W W 10 ft W W Draw Information Speaker Strobe No outdoor Operating Current mA RMS Operating Current mA RMS System Sensor specifications subject to change without notice Visit systemsensor com for product information including the latest version of this data sheet

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