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i3 Series Reader Sensor i3 series sensitivity reader displays and status indication readings of all i3 series and other compatible System Sensor detectors readers voltmeters and multimeters are designed assure smoke detectors are working within their listed and marked ranges the System Sensor i3 series sensitivity reader SENS RDR LCD screen displays a detector exact sensitivity by percent obscuration Therefore unlike many sensitivity readers and multimeters that display only the voltage rating the of cross referencing a voltage reading to a sensitivity range is with the SENS RDR Beyond displaying the sensitivity the LCD screen indicates the status of the detector in alpha text as GOOD SERVICE or REPLACE a detector sensitivity is a simple and quick task The connects to hand held devices and threaded extension for those detectors installed out of reach eliminating the need a ladder Within 10 seconds the dual LED and sounder will alert installer that the reading has been taken With dual indicators installer won have to rely on a single LED in areas with visibility or a single sounder in areas with audibility issues SENS RDR operates with two AA alkaline batteries To ensure batteries are operable the SENS RDR has a low battery And to maximize battery life the SENS RDR automatically off after 30 minutes LCD screen that displays sensitivity by percent per foot for a hand held device or threaded extension pole LED and sounder indicators low battery indicator shut off after 30 minutes Listings Specifications reader shall be a System Sensor model number SENS RDR listed with Underwriters Laboratories as a smoke detector accessory The reader shall be of reading the detector sensitivity without the need for a physical connection to the detector and shall not require the use of a voltmeter or multi The reader shall offer the capability of hand held use or shall accept a threaded extension pole The reader shall include an LCD screen which indicates a sensitivity in terms of percent per foot obscuration and a textual status indication The reader shall operate with two AA alkaline batteries and shall be of indicating a low battery condition on the LCD screen Specifications Status Indications Indication detector is within its sensitivity range No action is necessary at this time smoke detector sensing chamber requires cleaning for continued reliable operation Refer to the i3 Series manual for maintenance procedures smoke detector is failing and should be replaced immediately AA alkaline batteries not included 71 inches 181 mm Width 13 inches 35 mm Depth 11 inches 29 mm oz 225 grams Operation Turn the reader on by pressing and holding the button for approximately 2 seconds until the reader sounds The LCD will display the word The indicates that the SENS RDR is ready for accepting data from a compatible System Sensor smoke smoke detector Place the reader by the smoke detector being tested Position the reader above the oval depression near the word See Figure 1 Position the reader the detector at an angle See Figure 2 A ledge and an anti skid tip is provided on the reader to maintain the reader in place while it reads the Hold the reader in this position up to 10 seconds until the reader sounds and the reader red LED illuminates Note If the reader does not sound after 10 verify that the reader is properly positioned and the LCD displays The LED and sounder indicate a valid reading is received The reader will automatically display two results The first is a percent per foot obscuration which is displayed for approximately 3 seconds followed by a textual status indication The reader will continue to display both results for up to minutes or until the reader is reset To measure the sensitivity of the next detector reset the reader by momentarily pressing the button The LCD will again display the word Repeat steps through 4 as necessary When finished turn off the reader by pressing and holding the button for approximately 2 seconds until the reader sounds 1 Reader location a compatible System Sensor smoke detector 2 Position Reader on a compatible System Sensor smoke detector SENS RDR AN ANGLE ON THE AREA OR AT THE OPENING THE WORD RECESSED WITH A MAX TOOL TEST SWITCH Information No reader for i3 series smoke detectors Ohio Avenue St Charles IL 60174 800 SENSOR2 Fax 630 377 6495 System Sensor specifications subject to change without notice Visit systemsensor com for product information including the latest version of this data sheet 8 06 1676

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