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Architects and Engineering Specification Advance Synchronization Module Circuit Module shall be a System Sensor Sync Model listed to UL 464 UL 1971 and shall be approved for fire protective service The module shall synchronize SpectrAlert SpectrAlert Advance strobes at 1 Hz and horns at temporal 3 Also the module shall be capable of the horns on horn strobe models while operating the strobes over a single pair of wires The shall be capable of mounting to a 411 411 21 back box and shall control two Style Y B or one Style Z class A circuit The module shall be capable of multiple zone synchronization by multiple modules slaves together Slaves can be driven from either the slave output of a prior or from the NAC output of the master Using the NAC enables all wiring to be supervised whereas slave out terminals are not supervised so their use is confined to specific applications The module not operate on a coded power supply 2011

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