Fike System Sensor 400 Series Direct-Wire Photoelectronic Smokes A05-0194

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400 Series Photoelectronic Detector 12 or 24 volt operation Unique optical sensing chamber Removable cover and insect screen for easy Visible LED blinks in standby latches on in Sealed against dirt insects and back pressure Weight Temperature Range Models Other Models Range Velocity Rating Gauge 8.1 cm h 5.5 13.9 cm with mounting bracket 5 1.27 cm to height for lb 227 g F to 100 F 0 C to 38 C F to 120 F 0 C to 49 C 93 RH noncondensing fpm 18 AWG twisted pair or 4 octagon box square box with plaster ring 60 75 mm boxes Detector Spacing smooth ceilings as defined in NFPA 72 spacing 30 feet 900 sq ft may be used as a guide Other may be used depending on ceiling height air movements and other conditions or response Division of Pittway Ohio Avenue St Charles IL 60174 736 7672 Fax 630 377 6495 Available Photoelectronic Photoelectronic with Thermal Photoelectronic Photoelectronic with Thermal Photoelectronic Photoelectronic with Thermal Field sensitivity metering of detector to meet NFPA 72 Twist on mounting bracket with tamper option SEMS screws for easy wiring 3 year warranty Optional built in 135 F 57 C heat sensor Features 7 ft nominal Test port Insert 0.1 inch maximum diameter allen or screwdriver into test port on detector Test card After removing detector cover insert test card into test slot on screen Test module Using a standard voltmeter interface MOD400R plug into detector module port calibrated sensitivity test per NFPA 72 Sensor Rating models only 135 F fixed temperature System Sensor 2 97 document is not intended to be used for installation purposes Description Sensor 400 Series photoelectronic detectors are designed to meet the stringent performance of industrial and commercial fire detection systems The design of these detectors emphasizes of installation and field maintenance Specifications Detector Detector w Fixed Heat Sensor Detector Detector w Fixed Heat Sensor Detector Detector w Fixed Heat Sensor Must be limited by control panel Contact Ratings Contacts A C Time Time or inductive power factor load 30 VAC DC 30 VAC DC 110 VDC 1.0A 125 VAC sec max sec max Specifications Detector shall be a photoelectronic type model 2412 2424 or a combination photoelectronic model 2400TH 2412TH 2424TH with thermal rated at 135 F as manufactured by System Sensor connections shall be made by means of SEMS The detector will have a visible LED which will in standby and latch on in alarm The detector shall a nominal sensitivity of 3 per foot as measured in UL smoke box The detector screen and cover should 400 Series offer 6 different photoelectronic detectors a variety of voltages wiring configurations and options VDC VDC VDC VDC VDC Remote LED Consumption max max easily removable for cleaning It shall be possible to a sensitivity and functional test without the need generating smoke Detector circuitry shall perform a self on the sensing chamber and internal electronics every seconds If circuitry fails the detector LED shall stop The detector shall have a mounting bracket that for mounting to a 31 2 or 4 octagon box or 4 electrical box 2 Series Wiring Guide CLASS LOOP Diagram FROM PANEL CIRCUIT CONTROL PANEL VDC EOL 2424 TH Diagram 3 Information No Models detector 2 wire 12 24 VDC as above Canadian model detector 2 wire 12 24 VDC with 135 F fixed heat sensor Models detector 4 wire 12 VDC with contacts as above Canadian model detector 4 wire 12 VDC with contacts and integral 135 F fixed heat detector 4 wire 24 VDC with contacts detector 4 wire 24 VDC with contacts and integral 135 F fixed heat End of line relay for power supervision 12 24 VDC annunciator for 2 or 4 wire systems 3 32V with ion and photo detectors Fits standard U S gang electrical box See below Detector sensitivity test module Use with most or digital multimeters Satisfies requirement NFPA 72 for sensitivity testing See below insect screen for 2400 2412B 2424 insect screen for 2400TH 2412THB and protective dust cover for 400 Series MOD400R Field Sensitivity Test Module can be used with standard DC voltmeter or multimeter to check the range of System Sensor detectors satisfies NFPA requirement for sensitivity testing Remote 3 32V with ion and photo that have remote output Sensor Worldwide Manufacturing Distribution Canada 905 812 0767 905 812 0771 the Far East 852 2191 9003 852 2736 6580 Italy 39 40 949011 39 40 382137 China 86 29 524 6253 86 29 524 6259 4 India 91 11 5676815 the United Kingdom 44 1403 276500 44 1403 276501

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