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HARRINGTON INC ALARM Fire Alarm Control Panel Signal Inc 4th Avenue Moline Illinois 61265 Box 590 Moline Illinois 61266 0590 800 577 5758 Local 309 762 0731 Fax 309 762 8215 www harringtonfire com models provide two SLCs support of 198 devices on each a total capacity of up to addressable devices up to detectors and up to 198 modules total modules mount directly to chassis and can be field installed are available for NAC output circuits relay output circuits annunciation additional power and other fire alarm operations Addressable Input Fire Control Panel provide flexible cost effective operation to system requirements for both and capability The design assures that as needs and applicable evolve fire alarm control functions can be updated required networking modules the HS 3200 to be to a Harrington network provide additional input circuits zones and relays Up to 254 and annunciator units can networked together The is a DCLR Data Link Redundant loop circuit the HS3200 consists two convenient and easy and special features as cross zoning functions mode selective control etc is performed from externally generated database on a Windows based parameters and control display and operation are conveniently from the on board and keypad Information Number Part Number dual addressable input signaling line SLC are selectable for either 6 or Style 4 Two notification circuits A or B Expandable to 8 with HS3NC2 Dialer Module 2 notification circuit modules 4 relay modules 8 LED modules Transformer Network board Port 1 and Port 2 Standard Network board Port 1 RS232 and Port 2 Standard Network board Port 1 and Port 2 RS232 Network board Port 1 standard and Port 2 RS232 main PC board 2 SLC HS 3200 replacement 1 or 2 loop display PCB Transformer 120 240 VAC INC ALARM Fire Alarm Control Panel Listed to Standard 864 9th standard for Control Units Fire Protective Signaling provides Dual Input Signaling Line for up to 396 Addressable are selectable for either A Style 6 or Class B Style 4 2 Notification Appliance NACs Class A Style Z or B Style Y expandable to 8 NACs with optional modules 4 programmable function Form C expandable to 16 relays with HSRL4 cross zoning day night mode and control operations 2 auxiliary power outputs mA 24 VDC each A Power supply with integral charger provides 2.5 A for and Auxiliary Outputs to provide up to 7 A Current additional ports for Dialer Interface Voice Evacuation and Remote Annunciators Style 7 DCLR HS Network to panel communications system status display with HSLD8 LED zone display mount cabinet with construction allows up 12 Ah batteries internally charger is capable of up to 35 Ah mounted in external battery cabinet doors are removable for installation program and can both be using a based PC with Programming Software event history log stores events Control Unit controls consist of eight switches an LCD readout display entry switches The entry keypad is used for functions maintenance recall device and circuit and for manual of addressable output relay modules and appliance bell Keys are eight operator keys figure below the keys are on the lower left and are System Controls The associated with these keys used to display function status top three keys are pre and are Acknowledge Silence and System Reset bottom five keys are user selected for the functions Lamp Test Disconnect Test Mode Disconnect Common General Alarm Switch Function On Function Off or Manual panel local sounder will beep when a valid key is pressed beep three times if an invalid unavailable key is pressed Key are recorded in the history Information Main Control Panel LCD is backlighted and displays lines with 20 characters per line AC power present the LCD turns off automatically 5 minutes if no activity During AC power failure backlighting will turn off within seconds without activity normal conditions the is the main menu which the date and a 24 hour During alarm conditions the or last selectable events of priority will be displayed of main menu A status screen lists the number of alarm supervisory or trouble indicating SYSTEM OFF INC ALARM Fire Alarm Control Panel The door conceals outer lip and provides a neat clean appearance for surface box applications Expander Board HSNC2 Expander Boards provide two NAC outputs Up to modules can be added the basic enclosure and can any combination of NAC or expanders Expander Board NACs are for 2 A 24 VDCeach the as the standard NACs Expander HSRL4 Expander module HSRL4 four additional function outputs Each relay provides Form C contact rated 2 A 30 resistive with dry contacts connection to a power source Input Circuits to 99 addressable detectors up to 99 addressable modules may connected per SLC for a total 198 addressable devices monitoring modules be programmed for alarm or functions Control are available for dry or supervised output Outputs are two NACs rated 2 A NAC output voltage is nominal 24 VDC full wave NAC expansion can be to eight NACs by using HSNC2 expander modules Outputs auxiliary power outputs are each rated for 500 mA a nominal 24 VDC filtered and Relays panel comes with four Form C function rated 2 A 30 VDCresistive function relays can be can be programmed as Alarm Common Trouble Supervisory or general functions Supply and Transformer HS3200 fire alarm control is shipped with either a 120 or 240 VAC transformer as by the base model Total NAC power can be by adding a second of the same voltage or HS24VAC standard power supply 2.5 A 24 VDC full wave unfiltered for the total of and Auxiliary power output the addition of an optional the total NAC and power output is increased 8 A with up to 7 A available for Details enclosure includes the box outer door dead door and hardware plate be flush or surface mounted requiring a separate trim the outer door and dead front are removable The plate holds the main circuit board and This enclosure holds transforms up to three NAC or expander modules and one module backbox is included with the alarm control panel and an outer lip around the to provide a built in trim semi flush mounting INC ALARM Fire Alarm Control Panel to Panel Networking control panel can be networked to other control units for up to a of 254 networked members each using Style 7 DCLR loop One control unit for the network and diagnostics can be at any control unit PRODUCTS Annunciator Model HS3644

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