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HARRINGTON ALARM HS 3030 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel Signal Inc 4th Avenue Moline Illinois 61265 Box 590 Moline Illinois 61266 0590 800 577 5758 Local 309 762 0731 Fax 309 762 8215 www harringtonfire com Description HS 3030 is a sophisticated Fire Alarm Panel It has the capability network with multiple HS 3030 annunciators to suit the needs of residential industrial and applications The HS fire panel provides capability up to 24 input circuits 4 purpose form relays 3 operated relays for Alarm and Supervisory 8 class B style Y or 4 A style Z output bell circuits 2 auxiliary power outputs circuit modules are available conventional or addressable in class A styles D or or class B styles B or 4 Programming HS 3030 panel s database be downloaded or optional in the field from a connected to service using Network Plus All information is stored in flash memory HS 3030 can be networked to HS 3030s 3100s and 3200 to provide additional circuits relays bells and LEDs HS 3030 is designated the panel for the network All other panels will operate if communications with master panel is lost to UL864 9th Edition Capabilities yet Simple Operate and Addressable Circuits Stage Alarm Capability Person System Test Capability Programmable via Computer and optional upload of Log Approximately 1000 LED for Alarm Supervisory Trouble Indication for Each Zone Supertwist Backlit 80 Character x 20 Display Fault Indication by Input Definable Conventional Circuits Supervision Conventional Input Class B Style B or Class A D Available by Special Circuits Programmable for or N C Contacts B Style Y or Optional Class Style Z Bell Circuits Available by Order Style 7 Network Option Sensitivity Adjustments Alert for Dirty Sensitivity Adjustments in Printer Available Information Number Part Number Style 4 Class B 4 Style 6 Class A or addressable SLC 8MB Memory 8 Class 120 VAC Operation inner door 8 Style 4 Class B 4 Style 6 Class A or addressable SLC for power supply board for HS 3030 FACP Rev 9 Style 4 Class B 4 Style 6 Class A or addressable SLC expander board Takes up 1 2 maximum per system Uses slots 2 3 communications board for HS 3030 FACP HS 3140 HS 3434 annunciators to PORT 1 COM 1 PORT 2 COM 2 Also used for panel and networking Need to add to all HS 3434 driver boards on Last Page ALARM HS 3030 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel Inner Door system controls and indications are on the Mother which also contains system processor port printer and nonvolatile for system Custom software is on the main board functions such as relays zone LED annunciation and custom and device messages The HS 3030 consist of system switches Keys and a 20 position keypad The 12 system switches are defined for operations such as signal silence and system reset The position keypad is used for technical functions maintenance history recall device and manual operation of addressable modules relay modules and bell circuits Features Software Driven of Real Time Limited Circuits Protection Alarm Trouble and Supervisory LEDs Silence Inhibit Verification by Zone or Device Alarm Supervisory and Trouble Relays Ports for Expansion Network Printer Alarm Supervisory and Troubl Conventional Input Modules Labels Per Zone Coding by Device visual display consists of a series of LEDs for system indication of power alarm and trouble An LED clock display is to display a real time The flashing colon on clock visual indication of system processor 80 character backlit LCD is provided for address of addressable devices indication for conventional circuits display of history files device in alarm custom etc It is possible to custom alpha numeric on a per zone basis for conventional or addressable The keypad can be used scroll through the display The and the display are also for maintenance functions as testing etc Individual LEDs provided to display alarm and trouble conditions zone The HS 3030 contains 24 of zone indicating LEDs The will flash when activated then to steady when The trouble LEDs indicate both open circuit and fault The LCD display is to determine the exact of the current system status input circuits have the of being configured to individual detectors or groups detectors to turn on specific indicating lamps devices are also on the LCD display provides device number input circuit number custom message ALARM HS 3030 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel Circuits HS 3030 motherboard has the capacity for up three input circuit modules not all modules to be installed Module 1 Can only be 8 B style B circuits using the HS 3238 or 4 A style D circuits using card HS 3338 Module 2 Can be one of the conventional cards or it can be addressable class B style 4 circuits using the card HS 3039 or class A style 6 circuits using the card HS 3139 3 Can be one of the two conventional or it can be addressable 8 class B style 4 using the card HS 3039 or 4 class A style 6 using the card HS 3139 Circuits HS 3030 includes 8 class B style Y or optional class A style Z supervised bell circuits 4 general Form relays 3 system Form relays 2 auxiliary power outputs Board input and output wires are terminated on the board this allows separation from the control board for ease in servicing Ports HS 3030 has 6 communication ports available Port 1 Is out going to the network proprietary Port 2 Is in from the network proprietary Networking allows panels Control and or Annunciator to be together Port 3 RS232 Can be connected the Hs3644 Annunciator GRID Computer Graphics or Radio Transmitter Port 4 Service Terminal Allows downloading and optional uploading of and maintenance access terminal window 5 Printer Interface IBM Centronics A 25 pin parallel port providing an interface to any standard parallel Port 6 Printer Interface RS232 A serial printer port an interface for the optional factory install serial network panels with Fiber Optic Cable HSD1010 R1 is a single channel fiber optic modem in a red enclosure This model is for use when network communication channel is via fiber optic and the other communication channel is using standard wiring methods HSD1010 R2 is a dual channel fiber optic modem in a red enclosure This model is for use when network communications channels use fiber optic Supply HS 3035 power supply is rated at 10 amp DC power Complete with 2 amp battery and battery supervisory circuit The supervisory simulates a load condition approximately every 90 to ensure that the battery is capable of handling load requirements upon loss of AC power ALARM HS 3030 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel enclosure for HS 3030 consists of a back complete with power supply inner door with main board and outer door The back box and door assemblies

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