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HARRINGTON INC ALARM Signal Inc 4th Avenue Moline Illinois 61265 Box 590 Moline Illinois 61266 0590 800 577 5758 Local 309 762 0731 Fax 309 762 8215 www harringtonfire com Agent P110 Listed listing Pending loop addressable with PDACT standard operation of reset silence general alert recall and drill functions compensation pre signal positive alarm sequence and alarm verification by point with configuration functions or silent one man walk test event history record station response time of 2 seconds maximun may be individually enabled or may be individually verified built in NACs expandable to 4 on board relay outputs alarm trouble Screen for main status display annunciation of off normal indications Protection addressable SLC accepting up to 99 and 99 function modules amps available 2.0A expandable to available per NAC built in circuit Power 1 Amp standby 2 Amp in Alarm Power Circuits 1 resettable and 1 to a total of 9 annunciators I R E A LA RM contains an interface for a Agent P110 Fire Alarm System is designed for and ease of installations and SLC has two built in notification appliance NACs and three on board relay outputs trouble and supervisory alarm The LCD provides annunciation and control the system The Auto Learn feature can be to quickly configure a system and system configuration can be done through the annunciator or with an PC interface Options include NAC meter display remote relays and a port for connection to a PC Information Number Part Number loop addressable FACP w PDACT 2NAC 2AMPs loop addressable FACP w PDACT 2NAC 6AMPs addressable FACP w PDACT 4NAC 6AMPS mother board Transformer NAC Circuit Board ID Dialer replacement Annunciator in cabinet 8 relay board in Cabinet Cabinet only Cabinet only Cabinet only INC ALARM Agent P110 Annunciator for recessed mounting the local display of main panel display silence and reset functions buzzer by LCD screen of the system events and input output system configuration parameters command entering by keyboard status indication by LEDs with main panel by RS485 internal network System status LEDs key keyboard Specifications remote annunciator shall be Harrington Signal FireSpy series P1 CAB A which is designed for recess It shall mimic the local display of the main panel silence and reset functions a graphical LCD 20 key keyboard 4 system status LEDs piezo buzzer normal power supply voltage of 24VDC a current of 115mA system status indication by LEDs The information contained in this document is intended only as a summary and is subject to change without notice The devices described in this document have instruction sheets which cover various technical limitation and liability information Copies of these instruction sheets and the General Product Warning and Limitations which also contains important information are provided with the product and are available from Harrington Signal Inc Fire Alarm should be consulted before specifying or using the product For further information or assistance concerning particular problems contact Harrington Signal Inc Signal Inc Fire Alarm reserves the right to change specifications without notice contained in these INC ALARM Agent P110 USE FOR 72 NATIONAL FIRE ALARM CODE PROTECTED PREMISES UNIT STATION with UCT or PDACT STATION with PDACT DRY TYPES FIRE ALARM FIRE ALARM SUPERVISORY ALARM DACT POLARITY THIS UNIT INCLUDES AN ALARM VERIFICATION FEATURE WILL RESULT IN A DELAY OF THE SYSTEM ALARM SIGNAL FROM INDICATED CIRCUITS THE TOTAL DELAY CONTROL UNIT PLUS DETECTOR SHALL NOT EXCEED 60 SECONDS NO OTHER DETECTOR SHALL BE CONNECTED TO THESE CIRCUITS UNLESS BY THE LOCAL AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION alarm verification is enabled the P110 Signaling Line Circuit compatibility identifier PSS1 has a second smoke sensor delay time The delay start up time marked on the installation diagram of the smoke detector or on the installed smoke detector is to be used COMPLIANCE equipment complies with the requirements in part 15 of FCC rules for a class A device Operation of this equipment in a residential area may cause unacceptable to radio and TV reception requiring the operator to take whatever steps are to correct the interference and MAINTENANCE installation of this fire alarm control panel and associated devices must be in accordance NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code National Electrical Code and the Authority Having The complete installation must be tested verified and maintained by a factory or factory authorized representative Use only smoke sensor that are listed in compatibility listing in owner s Leave end of line test resistors on unused circuits Combined load of all external devices including indicating appliances not to exceed 2A when one transformer PX3 is used and not to 6A when two transformers are used All EOL resistors are 5.1K 024 4556 POWER 24VDC COMBINED LOAD standby 2.0A alarm 4 CLASS B 6 7 A devices max required Class B wiring REQUIRED FOR 6 CLASS A WIRING INPUT 60 HZ 1.6A max TO MANUAL 780 0836 REV A MANUAL 780 0834 REV A MANUAL 780 0835 REV A INSTRUCTION SHEET 780 0835 REV A APPENDIX D Y B STYLE Z A resistor needed NACs ARE REGULATED 24V FWR ONLY POLARIZED ON NACs shown is alarm condition POWER LIMITED ONLY RATED 30VDC 277VAC POWER FACTOR AND POWER LIMITED non supervised circuits all others are supervised non power limited circuits all others are power limited Annunciator SLC Module Meter Display Transformer 3A NAC Expansion 12V 6.5 Ah minimum batteries are required battery charge current 1.75 battery set must be replaced every 4 years earlier if capacity is excessively reducd The should be checked at least twice a or more often if required by local codes

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