Notifier ACT-2 Audio Coupling Transformer

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dn 6749 B Control Systems Line Information Audio Coupling Transformer Mounts to AA Series amplifier Refer to the DVC Digital Voice Command data sheet DN further information on system components Coupling Transformer ACT 2 Audio Coupling Transformer is used with the and AA 30 AA 100 or AA 120 to provide a to drive multiple amplifiers in large audio system appli It provides the following functions Attenuates high level amplifier output to create low level for additional amplifiers input from output Provides CMNR Common Mode Noise Rejection Configurations drive AA 120 120E AA 100 and or AA 30 30E audio The ACT 2 provides electrical isolation between its and output and attenuates the signal from high level to low level audio Ground fault detection is not provided output wiring on the ACT 2 Up to 40 audio amplifiers may fed by the output of an ACT 2 as long as the wiring does not 200 feet 61 meters 18 to 12 AWG 0.78 to 3.1 mm DVC AO RM 1 low level signal is first fed into a single amplifier The high level output of this amplifier will sup a Class A or Class B wiring arrangement and can be fed the input of up to 500 ACT 2 units The outputs of each of 500 ACT 2 transformers may then be used to feed a low audio signal to the input of as many as 40 additional AA amplifiers The output of an ACT 2 supports Class B only Where Class A wiring is required all amplifiers by an ACT 2 must be housed in the enclosure contain the ACT 2 Listings and Approvals some cases certain modules may not be listed by certain agencies or listing may be in process Consult fac for latest listing status UL Listed S635 MEA 447 99 E 128 07 E 345 02 E 232 06 E 317 01 E CSFM 7170 0028 216 7170 0028 223 7170 0028 244 FM Approved 9 30 2009 Page 1 of 2 is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc by Honeywell International Inc All rights reserved Unauthorized use this document is strictly prohibited document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our product information up to date and accurate cannot cover all specific applications or anticipate all requirements specifications are subject to change without notice more information contact Notifier Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 in the U S A 2 of 2 dn 6749 B 9 30 2009

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