Notifier VXP-25 50 Distributed Audio Voice Transponder

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GENERAL VXP 25 50 Distributed Audio Voice Transponder is a 25 watt expandable to four channel 50 watt VRMS distributed audio emergency voice evacuation panel is compatible with existing NOTIFIER voice equipment VXP 25 50 can be used to distribute voice evacuation over a building speaker system A separate custom supply module FC PSM with battery charger is in An optional second audio amplifier FC AAM25 is as a backup to the primary amplifier or to expand power to 50 watts providing dual 25 watt speaker This same 25 watt amplifier can also be used for purposes when the panel is configured for 50 watt 70 VRMS conversion modules FC XRM70 are available as options for installations where 70 VRMS speak are to be installed or already exist The modular design greater installation and servicing ease FC VTM Voice Transponder Module supplied with the basic equipment kit allows connection to a NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Control Panel SLC loop The five device addresses for the VXP are set using the FC VTM switch for the address and individual slide switch a or at the address The SLC FlashScan points permit VXP activation from a control panel con to the SLC loop This module also provides two or NAC circuits requires an APS 6R supply technological enhancements set the VXP apart other distributed audio voice panels These enhance include full supervision in both active alarm and conditions Supervision is provided for amplifier field wiring shorts and opens optional message FC MGM all tone generators the single audio riser input fails the VXP can be programmed switch to the optional FC MGM Message Generator Mod or built in tone generator If the FC MGM fails or is not the two tone generators on the main circuit board be automatically switched in as backups is fed independently to each amplifier so that a short in one amplifier will not shut down the other Full power of 25 watts per amplifier is generated while in a battery condition Power is not diminished when the 70 option is installed Audio is amplified from modern inte circuits instead of transformer technology This pro very low signal distortion for crystal clear audio VXP is designed to interface directly to the VEC 25 50 Evacuation Control Panel and compatible NOTIFIER alarm equipment such as the AMG and ATG Transformer isolated single audio riser input including dual 25 Watt 25 VRMS audio amplifier with single Class or Class B speaker circuit 1 1998 Audio Voice Transponder Voice Control Systems Built in alert tone generators with steady slow whoop high or chime tone capability Alert tone selection s may be field programmed to conform ANSI S3.41 Audible Emergency Evacuation Signal Pattern per NFPA Powered from local 120 VAC backup batteries required diagnostic LEDs include Power System Trouble Tone Generator Trouble Amplifier Fault and others For ease of service and maintenance plug in style terminal are utilized for most field wiring terminations Auxiliary Form C trouble relay Direct interface to AMG ATG or VEC 25 50 Fully supervised including amplifier output optional generator speaker wiring and tone generators Standby and Active states Independent amplifier supervision current limit audio level All outputs fully power limited to meet latest UL circuit protection Auxiliary power output Unique amplifier design features high signal to noise ratio Utilizes Surface Mount Technology Compatible with most NOTIFIER Addressable Fire Alarm Panels Aesthetically pleasing design has an appearance and layout to NOTIFIER popular FACPs document is not intended to be used for installation purposes We try to keep our information up to date and accurate We cannot cover all specific applications or all requirements All specifications are subject to change without notice For information contact NOTIFIER Phone 203 484 7161 FAX 203 484 7118 Fire Lite Place Northford Connecticut 06472 and Manufacturing System Certified to Standard ISO 9001 in the U S A Page 1 of 2 STANDARD MODULES Slave Command Board System micro controller System status LEDs Auxiliary power output Audio input Tone generators Programming dip switches Provides mounting location for all standard and optional Voice Transponder Module Houses third FC AAM25 amplifier when used as backup to and secondary amps Provides five SLC FlashScan points 4 control 1 monitor Provides dual 3 Amp NACs OR dual firefighter telephone switch point only no jacks OR a combination of NAC and one FFT circuit slide switches to independently disable SLC points Provides code switch and slide switch to set of first SLC point Mounts directly to FC SCB Audio Amplifier Module 25 Watt 25 VRMS audio amplifier module Provides single Class A or Class B speaker circuit Utilizes plug in style terminal blocks for ease of service and Fully supervised and power limited Diagnostic LEDs include yellow trouble LED cable fault VRMS fault amp fault and green amp functional LED Also available 1 as an option for system expansion to 50 providing dual 25 watt speaker circuits or 2 as a to the primary 25 watt amplifier where one to one is required or 3 as a backup to either FC AAM25 systems configured for 50 watts in the event that either fails Optional second FC AAM25 mounts to FC SCB while third amp mounts to FC VTM Power Supply Module Power supply battery charger module Ground fault detection with diagnostic LED yellow Brownout detection with battery transfer Battery trouble detect with diagnostic LED yellow Battery saver operation AC loss relay provides AC loss delay per UL independent monitoring by DACT 2 Amps 24 VDC AC power on LED green 18 AH battery charging capacity up to 25 AH may be in CAB A3 enclosure Large teeter plate terminal blocks easily accept up to 12 3.25 mm for power terminations Mounts adjacent to FC SCB MODULES Optional Transformer Module Converts 25 VRMS audio outputs to 70.7 VRMS for retrofit Plugs directly on FC AAM25 module s allowing conversion to 70.7 VRMS Optional Local Playback Speaker Provides local digital message playback for user review of custom messages Optional Message Generator Module Optional Digital Message Generator for VXP with standard emergency evacuation message Message generator includes 60 second capacity with and secondary message capability 30 seconds Custom messages are field recordable through PCB microphone or integral RCA type jack 2 of 2 DN 6655 Digital message may be field selected for 1 2 4 8 or infinite AND CODES VXP 25 50 will comply with the following standards NFPA 72 1996 National Fire Alarm Code NFPA 101 1994 Life Safety Code UL 864 Standard for Control Units for Fire Alarm Systems AC Power 1.0 Amp max 120 VAC 60 Hz Power Battery Charging Circuit Supports lead acid batteries only Float charge voltage 27.6V Maximum charge current 800 mA Maximum battery capacity 18 AH Contact Rating 2.0 Amps at 30 VDC resistive 0.06 Amps 125 VAC Power Output Specific application power 35 mA maximum SPECIFICATIONS 20.13 51.13 cm high x 24.13 61.29 cm wide x 3.175 cm deep Backbox 20.0 50.80 cm high x 60.96 c

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