Notifier NFV-25 50DAZS (FireVoice-25 50DAZS) Distributed Audio Panel

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NFV 25 50DAZS Audio Panel Notifier FireVoice 25 50DAZS NFV 25 50DAZS is a distributed audio DAZS panel that expands the speaker circuits found in the FireVoice 25 50ZS NFV audio control panel with an additional eight speaker Up to two NFV 25 50DAZS units wired Class B or up five NFV 25 50DAZS units wired Class A can be linked to a NFV 25 50ZS providing a total capacity of 24 speaker The speaker circuits can be manually activated via switch module on the master NFV 25 50ZS panel or auto via the serial communications link audio riser input provides automatic gain control AGC compensates for any audio signal loss due to circuit or cable length to ensure delivery of a full output sig to the speakers For systems requiring 24 hour backup built in power supply and battery charger are able to up to 18 AH batteries options include a 25 Watt 25 VRMS audio amplifier for expansion to 50 Watts providing dual 25 Watt circuits or as a secondary backup amplifier 70.7 VRMS conversion modules are available forap requiring 70.7 VRMS speakers technological enhancements set the NFV 25 Series apart from other voice panels The NFV 25 has full supervision in both active alarm and conditions Independent power feeds to each ampli ensures that a short circuit in one amplifier will not shut the other Full output power 25 watts per amplifier is with the optional 70.7 VRMS transformer module low battery conditions Additionally modern integrated as opposed to transformer technology amplifies for very low signal distortion applications include but are not limited to schools dormitories theaters restaurants places of motels hotels office buildings and factories 25 watts of 25 VRMS audio power expandable to 50 watts panel Up to four Style Z Class A or eight Style Y Class B circuits with zone splitter module ACC ZSM Automatic gain control AGC Optional 70.7 VRMS conversion module available for each primary AC power supply and secondary battery circuit Unobstructed module access and removable terminal for ease of service and maintenance Optional digital message generator module FC MGM factory prerecorded emergency evacuation message custom 60 second recorded message capacity Field selectable message and field recording capability optional FC MGM RCA jack or mini audio input for connection to a personal computer C 21 Control Systems Built in alert tone generators with steady slow whoop or chime tones Alert tone selection may be field programmed to conform ANSI S3.41 Audible Emergency Evacuation Signal Pattern per NFPA diagnostic LEDs include Power System Trouble Message Generator Trouble Tone Generator Trou Amplifier Fault and others Form C trouble relay allows FACP to monitor system while in active alarm state 35 mA Special Application auxiliary power output for modules and End of Line power supervision Optional local playback speaker for use with optional mes generator module Can be controlled by the NFV 25 50ZS via the Zone Sys serial link EIA 485 to the ACC ZPM Activation by the FACP using the ACS serial link and or the Command CMD inputs ACS serial link activation with compatible FACPS such NFW2 100 NFS 320 and NFS2 640 CMD activation compatible with any FACPS 1 14 10 Page 1 of 4 Modules AUDIO AMPLIFIER MODULE Provides 25 watts of power at 25 VRMS and one fully and power limited speaker circuit that can be for Style Y Class B or Style Z Class A operation in the Distributed Audio Panel Two LEDs to indicate amplifier supervision AUDIO ZONE PAGE MODULE Annunciates and controls speaker circuit selection AUDIO ZONE SPLITTER MODULE Provides connections for four Style Z Class A or eight Y Class B speaker circuits Modules AUDIO AMPLIFIER MODULE Optional second audio amplifier can expand system power 50 watts providing dual 25 watt speaker circuits Can also be used as a backup amplifier TRANSFORMER MODULE 70.7 VRMS Converts 25 VRMS to 70.7 VRMS at full rated 25 watt out power MESSAGE GENERATOR MODULE Provides custom message recording capabilities and sys audio backup Custom messages may be recorded from audio sources to audio jack on FC MGM Built in tone generators provide tones before and after as well as backup on message failure LOCAL PLAYBACK SPEAKER Allows local review of digital messages no need to broad over system speakers The FC LPS is not intended for permanent installation AC Power Supervised nonpower limited cir 2.0 Amp maximum 120 VAC 50 60 Hz Wire size 14 AWG 2.00 mm2 with 600 V insulation Power Battery Charging Circuit Maximum Circuit Normal Flat Charge 27.6 VDC 800 mA Battery Charger Capacity 18 Amp Hour cabinet maximum of two 18 Amp Hour batteries Nonpower supervised Supports lead acid batteries only Loss Relay Relay contact rating 2.0 amps 30 VDC 0.6 amps 30 VAC resistive Non supervised Audio In on ACC AAM25 A second optional can be installed as a backup to the primary or expand speaker power to 50 watts Circuit on ACC AAM25 Power limited super circuitry Operation Circuit can be wired Style Y Class or Style Z Class A Normal Operating Voltage 25 VRMS 1 amp max and maximum load impedance of 25 Ohms VRMS 350 mA max with maximum load impedance 200 Ohms operation possible by plugging optional FC conversion module into P1 of audio amplifier Maxi total capacitance for each AAM 25 50 250 uF 2 of 4 DN 60049 b 1 14 10 CMD Bus Supervised and power limited circuitry Operating Voltage 24 VDC regulated filtered Maxi Voltage 25.4 VDC Reverse Polarity Current 125 mA Maximum Load Resistance 200 ohms Application Power Aux Power Non Super and Power limited circuitry Up to 35 mA 24 VDC application power is available for powering address modules and associated End of Line power supervision Trouble Relay Form C relay contact rating 2.0 30 VDC resistive 0.6 amps 30 VAC resistive Audio Inputs on optional FC MGM RCA Jack Input female connector Input Impedance 30 maximum Input Voltage 700 mVRMS maximum Current 1 mA maximum 700 mV Requires pream output Mates to an RCA phono 3mm diameter length 9mm shell diameter 3.5 mm PC Audio Jack female connector Input Impedance 150 Kohms Input Voltage 700 mVRMS maximum Input Cur 1 mA maximum 700 mV Requires preamplifier out Riser Magnetically isolated input utilizes signals up 70.7 VRMS with a frequency range of 400 Hz to 4 KHz Contact Input Non supervised non isolated trou input that can be used by chargers power supplies etc Closure Operation Current 1.2 mA maximum SPECIFICATIONS 0.174 0.44 cm high x 0.28 0.71 cm wide x 0.05 cm deep 26.0 66.04 cm high x 15.50 39.37 cm wide x 10.71 cm deep ring Outer measurement 21.62 54.92 cm high x 47.30 cm wide inner opening 18.63 47.31 cm x 15.63 39.69 cm wide with six holes for 8 32 and cutouts for hinges and Indicators INDICATORS Main Circuit Board Power On green AC Power green Active green System Trouble yellow Tone Generator Trouble yellow Battery Trouble yellow Charger Trouble yellow Ground Fault yellow ACC AMM25 Amplifier Supervision green Circuit Trouble yellow ACC ZPM ACC Comm green Line Information Single channel 25 Watt 25 Vrms emer voice evacuation panel Can be automatically acti via the Zone System serial communication link from NFV 25 50ZS 25 Watt 25 Vrms Audio Amplifier Module with Style Z Class A or Style Y Class B

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