Notifier AFAWS-Backbox-Door-and-Trim-Ring-Installation-Guide

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Automatic Fire Alarm Warden Station Series RING PLATE DOOR and BACKBOX INSTALLATION DRAWING 50766 Revision A 97 139 10 23 97 Instructions for Trim Ring Plate Door and Backbox Install plate as follows Slide plate into the two slots near the top of the trim ring see Figure 1a Front of plate should face front of door Push the plate down into the slot and toward the trim ring see Figure 1b until it sits firmly in the slots see Figure 1c 1a 1b 1c 1 Installation Install trim ring on backbox with 6 32 wing nuts see Figure 2 hole positions Do not tighten Slide door assembly into the space between the trim ring and see Figure 3 The two slots at the bottom of the should slide over the trim ring studs and the hinge should rest on the trim ring Tighten wing nuts Mount the assembled box in a readily accessible area ap five feet above the floor using the holes on the wall of the box Refer to Figure 4 for backbox dimen 2 Ring Hole on 97 139 Document No 50766 Revision A 10 23 97 3 Installation Document No 50766 Revision A 10 23 97 97 139 4 Backbox Dimensions

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