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NFC 50 100 E First Command Emergency Communication System First Command NFC 50 100 and NFC 50 100E are multi emergency voice evacuation panels for fire applications notification applications or both The First Command delivers or 100 watts of audio power for distribution to up to eight speaker i e zones The NFC 50 100 E comes standard with a sin speaker circuit and a built in 50 watt 25V amplifier A secondary watt amplifier NFC BDA 25 70V can be added for single circuit backup or to increase system capacity to two circuits and an additional 50 watts of audio power An NFC CE6 module added to the NFC 50 100 E will upgrade system to a maximum of eight speaker circuit outputs All output circuits can be wired in either Style Y Class B or Z Class A configuration The NFC 50 100 E has fourteen programmable messages up to 60 seconds each built in field pre and post announce tone generators and a fully Notification Appliance Circuit NAC with 2.0 amps of NAC power The NFC 50 100 E includes three built Form C relay contacts AC power trouble and MNS active a follower and 500mA special application power A built in power delivers operational power and an onboard battery charger charging up to 26AH batteries NFC cabinet holds up to batteries fire protection applications the NFC 50 100 E is an adjunct to any UL listed FACP providing reverse polarity or contact can be used as a stand alone unit for non fire applications seamless integration between fire and mass notification the can be directly activated via serial communication the NFW 100X NFW2 100 NFS 320 or NFS2 640 Acti of the NFC 50 100 E via other FACPs uses the eight on Command Input Circuits CMDs Two of the eight CMD cir CMD 1 CMD 2 can be individually field programmed for by an FACP Notification Appliance Circuit reverse polarity all eight can be activated by a contact closure In addition the can be activated from a building Private Branch PBX with the integral night ring feature NFC 50 100 E programming is done by using a simple built in utility accessed from any laptop For added flexibility NFC 50 100 E supports both 25V and 70V speaker output By adding a 70V transformer conversion module NFC or an additional 70 volt secondary amplifier NFC BDA the system supports 70 volt speaker devices NFC 50 100 E can expand in order to accommodate larger or complex installations To add more control and increase sys capacity any combination of up to eight external remote con including the NFC LOC NFC RPU and NFC RM and up to distributed audio amplifiers including the NFC 50DA E NFC and NFC 125 DA E can be connected on the external bus and audio riser data bus to create a fully integrated com center A fully loaded system supports up to 1100 watts of total power and up to 24 speaker circuit outputs APPLICATIONS Schools Theaters Auditoriums Nursing Homes Military facilities Places of Worship Factories Office Buildings Restaurants UL Listed to UL 2572 Communication Control Units Mass Notifi Systems and UL 864 emergency voice evacuation for Modular design for system flexibility and easy expansion Removable terminal blocks 50 watts of 25V audio power expandable to 100 watts RMS 2 amp Notification Appliance Circuit NAC output sync genera or follower for System Sensor Wheelock or Gentex protocols Optional 70Vtransformer available for the primary amplifier Note speaker wiring continues to be supervised in standby alarm when background music is playing with this optional trans installed Eight Command Input Circuits to activate messages 1 to 8 CMD1 and CMD2 are field selectable to be activated from 12 or VDC Notification Appliance Circuits reverse polarity or con closures CMD3 CMD8 are activated by contact closures Speaker Circuits Single Style Y Class B or Style Z Class A speaker Circuit Two Style Y Class B or Style Z Class A speaker circuits with NFC BDA 25 70V Audio Amplifier installed Eight Style Y Class B or Style Z Class A speaker circuits optional NFC BDA 25 70V and NFC CE6 installed 520Hz square wave tones available which can be uploaded to NFC 50 100 to meet NFPA Low Frequency requirements to the Device Compatibility Document 15378 for listed speakers NFC 50 100 E can be controlled by an FACP via the ANN ACS link of the NFW 100X and NFW2 100 and via the ACS link of the NFS 320 or NFS2 640 The NFS 320 or must be firmware version 20.0 or higher 1 22 2018 Page 1 of 6 Certified for seismic applications when used with the appropriate mounting kit supervised microphone Microphone time out feature which reverts back to prerecorded if emergency page exceeds the programmed time 14 recorded messages Field selectable message and custom message recording capa using the local microphone a USB port or an external audio External Audio Input can be used for background music Up to 60 second message duration for all messages tone generators field selectable for multiple tone types Powered by integral AC power supply or batteries during AC fail Programmable delay of immediate 2 hours or 6 hours reporting AC Loss Piezo sounder for local trouble 100 event history log Three Form C relays AC Power Loss Relay TB1 System Trouble Relay TB2 MNS Active TB3 500mA 0.5A Special Application auxiliary power output for modules when interfaced with compatible address FACPs and End of Line power supervision relays System Status LEDs Refer to and Indicators in prod manual LS10001 001NF E Dress Panel Optional TR CE B semi flush trim ring Any combination of up to eight 8 external remote consoles Optional NFC RM Remote Microphone includes cabinet See Optional NFC RPU Remote Page Unit includes cabinet See Optional NFC LOC Local operator console includes cabinet DN 60777 Any combination of up to eight 8 distributed audio amplifiers Optional NFC 50DA E distributed amplifier 50 watts See DN Optional NFC 125DA E distributed amplifier 125 watts See DN Optional NFC 50 100 distributed amplifier with backup capability watts See DN 60776 Internal Expansion Modules Circuit Expander Module provides connections for up to Style Z Class A or Style Y Class B speaker circuits Circuits configured through the web based programming utility 25V 50 watt audio amplifier module Adding a sec speaker circuit increases the total NFC 50 100 power output to watts or can also be used as a backup amplifier 70V 50 watt audio amplifier module Adding a sec speaker circuit increases the total NFC 50 100 power output to watts or can also be used as a backup amplifier 70V Transformer Conversion Module Converts the primary amplifier to a 70V output This transformer directly to the NFC 50 100 E main control board by two brackets Page 2 of 6 DN 60772 A7 1 22 2018 and Indicators BUTTON CONTROLS All Call MNS Control System Control Speaker Select 1 24 Message Select 1 14 Diagnostic Select Trouble Silence Console Lamp Test Status Indicators visible with door Fire System Active green MNS Control green System Control green System in Use green Speaker Zone 1 24 Active green Speaker Zone 1 24 Fault yellow OK to Page green Microphone Trouble yellow Message 1 8 Active red Message 1 8 Fault yellow Remote Amplifier 1 8 Fault yellow LOC RPU RM 1 8 Fault yellow LOC RPU RM 1 8 Active green Main Console Fault yellow AC Power green Ground Fault yellow Charger Fault yellow Battery Fault yellow Data Bus Fault yellow

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