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NION 2C8M Normally Closed Supervised NCS Installation Document document covers the procedures and specifications for installing the above listed unit and when appro information regarding configuration on the monitored device For more detailed configuration and information refer to Network Installation Manual Echelon Local Area Server Manual or BCI 3 as appropriate of the NION 2C8M NION 2C8M 2 Control 8 Monitor is a discrete input output interface used on the network All of the system are based on LonWorks cid 153 Local Operating Network technologies The NION 2C8M provides a to the network for equipment and control panels that have dry contacts NION 2C8M connects a LonWorks cid 153 FT 10 or FO 10 network and discrete monitored devices and conven control panels It provides a single two way communication channel for discrete inputs and outputs when to a control panel NIONs are specific to the type of network to which they connect FT 10 or FO 10 transceiver type must be specified and ordered separately when ordering the NION NION 2C8M can be powered by any 24VDC power limited source with battery backup which is UL listed for with fire protective signaling units Power must be supervised or placed within 20 ft of the NION with connec run in conduit NION 2C8M mounts in an enclosure NIS CAB 1 or CHS 4L in CAB 3 series enclosure with conduit knock and Input 2 1 EOL resistor parallel with 1 Configuration DO NOT change the default jumper settings what is shown in the diagram Board Layout 51394 NION 2C8M NCS Installation Rev B 10 5 00 Rev B 51394 ECN 00 427 Manuals Online Description NION 2C8M can be installed in the following environmental conditions range of 0 to 49 32 cid 176 F 120 cid 176 F humidity non condensing at 30 86 cid 176 F NION 2C8M is designed to be installed on a wall within 20 feet of the monitored equipment in the same The type of hardware used is at the discretion of the installer but must be in accordance with local code Use only wire for power limited Power limited wire runs use type FPLP FPL or equivalent cabling per 760 Power Requirements NION 2C8M requires 24 VDC 0.10 A nominal and battery backup in accordance with local code require It can be powered by any power limited 24 VDC source which is UL or ULC listed as appropriate for your for use with fire protective signaling units Always remove power from the NION before making any changes to switch settings removing or installing option modules SMX network modules and software upgrade Damage may result if changes like this are made without powering down the NION LEDs LEDs on the front panel of the NION 2C8M provide information about module operation The table below the possible conditions Refer to the NION 2C8M Board Layout diagram on the previous page for the position of each the LEDs listed below LED provides information on network communication and node by one of the three modes listed below slow NION is functioning normally fast NION is bound but encountering communication LED provides information on node binding by one of the three listed below NION is bound NION is not bound Status LED is off Unrecoverable error code is not running an output has been energized an input is active LED Status Information 51394 NION 2C8M NCS Installation Rev B 10 5 00 Manuals Online Configuration and Connections NION 2C8M accepts eight normally open or normally closed dry contact inputs Each input is monitored by end of line resistor These inputs are wired to a 16 point plug in terminal strip in the following pattern 1 1 input line 2 common 8 15 input line 16 common PCB is labeled and the terminals are numbered for convenience Inputs are rated for 18V nominal 1.8mA current and 2,000 ohm maximum resistance input circuit requires a 10k EOL resistor installed in parallel with the contact input is configured as NO NC from the plug in application Jumpers JP4 JP11 should be left in default setting as shown to the left silk screen below output LED input has a pair of diagnostic LEDs For Normally Open NO contacts the Red LED is ON when the point is alarm and OFF when the point is normal For Normally Closed NC contacts the Red LED is OFF when the is in alarm and ON when the point is normal The Yellow LED is ON only when the point is in Trouble circuit NION 2C8M provides two SPDT relay outputs The relays are rated at 5A 30VDC They can be wired for open or normally closed operation All rated loads are resistive Inductive and tungsten loads will be Input and output lines should exceed 2000ft Closed Open Closed Open 2 1 Output Connector Configuration order to utilize all features available with the NION 2C8M the 2C8M Scheduling Plug In utility must be config at the system workstations Each Plug In is described in detail in the Product Installation Description shipped each NION General Plug In setup information can be found in the appendix of the workstation manual Manuals Online 51394 NION 2C8M NCS Installation Rev B 10 5 00

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