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ONYX EXITPOINT EXITPOINT THE SOUND OF SAFETY an emergency evacuation people often rely on their senses especially eyesight and memory But in crisis confusion can set in Smoke dust debris or visual clutter can make it difficult or impossible to But now ExitPoint from NOTIFIER gives evacuees a distinct advantage Unlike traditional systems doesn just notify people of an emergency Employing Directional Sound technology and easy audible signals ExitPoint actually helps lead the way guiding building occupants to exits and ultimately a safe route out of harm way EXITPOINT THE SOUND NEW IDEA IN FIRE SAFETY SOUND hear sound in a multitude of ways and across a broad range of frequencies Directional sound is a specific technology that uses all of the frequencies audible to humans to ensure that they comprehend direction that the sound is coming from accurately ExitPoint from NOTIFIER uses broadband frequen to lead evacuees safely and accurately toward the exits where the system sounders are installed Hz KHz Hz KHz KHz KHz KHz programmable tones and intensities coming from ExitPoint offer recognizable cues for finding the fastest safest way out follow the pulsing tones generated by the sounders which are in successive order along escape routes to get out quickly The sound frequencies are reinforced by spoken word messages as here up down and of refuge cues needed for accurate localization speech sound broad band location cues all alarm sounders DESIGN THAT IS SIMPLE PROGRAMMABLE AND EFFECTIVE can be programmed at varying field selectable volume settings can also be easily customized so that sounders nearest the fire or other situation are automatically disabled to prevent evacuees from lead toward danger has been designed for use in upgrading existing fire safety as well as for installation in new construction The sounder mount easily to standard electrical boxes and can be installed the same circuit as the existing fire safety notification circuit The system is listed to UL 464 FM MEA and CSFM and the tech of exit marking audible notification appliances is referenced in 72 National Fire Alarm Code 2007 REDUCE EVACUATION TIMES UP TO 75 compared to a passive strictly visual egress system numerous studies have shown directional sound can help more effectively guide occupants to safety when visibility low ExitPoint guides evacuees to the nearest exit helping to overcome the natural to use an exit they are most familiar with For this reason evacuation times significantly reduced EXITPOINT THE AUDIBLE EXIT SIGN with Voice Messaging is the latest advance in audible technology Traditional notification appliances alert building that an emergency is taking place an essential func but they don tell people which way to get out ExitPoint with Messaging does Verbal instructions alternate between the broadband sound pulses emitted by ExitPoint with Voice to help guide occupants up or down stairs and toward the exits So even if visibility is impaired by smoke or visual the exits will be clearly marked by ExitPoint with Voice PEOPLE FIND THE EXIT with Voice Messaging provides verbal instructions on what action to take as occupants an ExitPoint device Messages include stairs up stairs down area of refuge and here In tests people who had no knowledge of the system function intuitively and easily the sounds and voice cues to safety IN 15 DIFFERENT LANGUAGE COMBINATIONS with Voice Messaging offers 15 field selectable single and combination options WORLD HEADQUARTERS Clintonville Road CT 06472 States of America 203 484 7161 203 484 7118 AMERICAS Canada 905 856 8733 905 856 9687 Locations in Canada Qu British Columbia M 52 55 5606 9785 52 55 5606 9785 Central America Venezuela Ecuador 52 2299 7280 51 52 2299 7280 51 South America Mercosur 55 11 4166 1933 55 11 4166 1893 Hong Kong 852 2730 9090 852 2736 6590 China 86 21 50272119 86 21 50273119 Locations in China India 91 222 771 3694 91 222 771 3694 Korea 82 2 2025 0308 82 2 2025 0329 Singapore 65 6271 5503 65 6271 9961 Taiwan 886 2 2245 7248 886 2 2245 0927 Vietnam 84 8910 60 14 84 8910 60 15 Inertia Fire Systems New Zealand 61 2 9899 4155 61 2 9899 4156 Locations Queensland Victoria Western Australia New Zealand EAST AFRICA UAE 971 4807 3200 971 4881 6202 United Kingdom 44 14 44 230 300 44 14 44 230 888 Benelux 32 42 470 300 32 42 470 220 Germany 49 2102 700 690 49 2102 700 69 44 Italy 390 2 518 971 390 2 518 9730 Spain 34 93 497 3960 34 93 465 8635 Norway 47 66 76 200 47 739 62 861 Location in Europe over 50 years NOTIFIER has been a leader in the fire alarm industry Today we are largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with over 400 distributors and regional support operations on every continent to ensure we provide flexibility and options your business needs Leaders in Life Safety Technology 3K 6 08

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