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ONYX ExitPointTM Reduce Times Up 75 an emergency speedy evacuation is critical NOTIFIER s ONYX audible exit technology can reduce evacuation times injuries and saving lives ONYX ExitPoint acts as an audible sign that helps building occupants pinpoint the nearest exit and guides them to the building exit quickly reliably and safely even when visibility is impaired fire systems play a crucial role in alerting people to a potential Once someone has made the decision to evacuate the fire ceases to fulfill a function The person leaving a building then to know how to quickly locate the nearest exit of Traditional Exit Signage most buildings exit routes are identified by visual means using exit However signage can be easily obscured by even low levels smoke Exits can also be difficult to find in visually cluttered areas as an airport or shopping mall In the event of a fire people often a building by the route through which they entered This is the quickest or most appropriate way out Many people fail to nearby exits and can easily walk straight past them without it Sound Defined ExitPoint technology is based on directional sound a new technology in fire safety Directional sound generates at all frequencies across the human hearing range All three bands of Low Mid and High must be included to provide a broadband directional sound the source of which is easily and located by the human ear Sound in Life Saving Technology by the fire alarm control panel ONYX ExitPoint draws to exits and egress routes even in perfect visibility and in visibility it is without equal The directional sound from ONYX is distinctive and does not conflict with the traditional audible such as horns and bells varying tones and intensities coming from directional sound offer easy to understand cues for rapidly finding exits As soon people hear these devices they intuitively know to follow them to quickly Sound Patterns ONYX ExitPoint directional sounder incorporates different field selectable sound pulse patterns four pulse patterns are used to create an egress out of a building and mark perimeter exits tone pulses can be added to each of the pulse patterns to alert occupants that they are a stairway and need to proceed either or down providing a clear direction for building ExitPoint is the newest concept in fire safety audible exit sign And it s available from Leaders in Life Safety Technology and Support products and services are offered through extensive network of authorized Engineered Distributors These distributors are ready assist you in the design installation commission and management of your new ONYX ExitPoint learn more about ONYX ExitPoint call 866 491 and ask for the distributor nearest you Or visit us www onyx exitpoint com ExitPoint and ONYX are registered trademarks of Honeywell International Headquarters Clintonville Road CT 06472 1610 USA 203 484 7161 203 484 7118 2005 Honeywell Int 02 24 05

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