Notifier ONYXWorks® Fire Systems Command Interface

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ONYXWorks Systems Command Interface is the next generation in life safety management centralized control and monitoring of the fire alarm system intuitive graphical display allows personnel to rapidly pin investigate and respond to alarm events with minimal training Versatile enough for single site multi site and worldwide applications the ONYXWorks graphical work allows end users to manage their NOTIFIER life safety over a proprietary network or Ethernet Through its intel gateway architecture ONYXWorks can easily meet the of expanding systems ONYXWorks is also an ideal retro solution supporting seamless integration with competitive Additionally ONYXWorks provides mass notification through IP based voice paging and LED sign inte Operates on Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit Enterprise Monitor options 22 Standard 22 Touch screen 42 Stan A0 186 Systems ONYX NOTIFY feature provides e mail and text notification NOTIFY IP feature supports Voice Over IP paging for mass off normal events Supports up to 200 intelligent gateways with 200 nodes per Real time message override capability to LED Signs on Maximum Remote Users 50 Point Capacity 250,000 History File Capacity 2.5 Million Records Supports additional Spanish Korean Portuguese Hebrew and Chinese Tradi and Simplified SETUP Graphic Editing mode allows on site or off site system setup building floor plan CAD drawings as a dxf wmf jpg or gif Customizable device icon and colors to visually represent Compatible with standard high speed NOTI event type Ethernet based networks User defined icons can be globally defined PNG BMP NOTI gateway redundancy for network surviv JPG and GIF formats INTERFACE Customizable interface provides flexibility to display informa as desired Supports dual monitors Dynamically generated floor plan overview provides point of when using the zoom function Global Zoom Level for devices 0 100 definable by the Device information including point address and description be quickly accessed through icon left click function Navigational tree icons and configurable areas provide easy to system floor plans NOTIFICATION AND RESPONSE Graphic and text display of all off normal events Six states can be visually represented for each input device Trouble Fire Alarm Pre Alarm detectors Disabled Security Automatic screen navigation configurable to the device in based on event priority Multimedia text audio video and bitmaps can be linked to device providing instructions to operators for event Operator log with response tracking ACCESS System Administrator definable user profiles provide strict of access Monitoring and Control profiles delineate defined operator Operator Login Logout Change Password feature allows only personnel to access the system Logs in history of any operator changes in the workstation Macros provide customizable programming to simplify repeti tasks disable enable de activate activate device control and system information through icon function History Manager Filterable history reporting serves as a maintenance and diagnostic tool to identify patterns MAINTENANCE Backup capability for screen member and history data Obtain software version numbers network panels Series fire panels Upload Download databases to NOTIFIER ONYX series and perform panel upgrades ONYX Series only over network using VeriFire Tools 06 27 2017 Page 1 of 4 Monitoring ONYXWorks system is an ideal component of a Fire Command Center for real time fire system status and system control ONYXWorks interfaces directly to a NOTI fire system using an NFN Gateway The NFN Gateway is an intel interface used by an ONYXWorks system that facilitates monitoring and control of a NOTI version 5.0 network NOTIFIER fire panels The NFN Gateway is available in two versions PC based gateway and embedded gateway see NFN data sheet DN 7060 The embedded NFN Gateway enables users to monitor multiple sites local or remote over an IP ONYXWorks equipment options requirements are available on the NFN Gateway data sheet Monitoring ONYXWorks Alarm Control Panels version 5.0 or Monitoring version 5.0 or ONYXWorks Alarm Control Panels A UL Listed ethernet TCP IP switch is required between a shared IP network and the ONYXWorks equipment Contemporary Control Systems Inc has several UL864 recognized switching hubs Systems Integration addition to NOTIFIER fire only applications the ONYXWorks Proprietary Supervising Station mode allows integration of com fire panels and security panels into one graphical user interface This mode allows for monitoring of local or remote over IP or standard phone lines building systems using Digital Alarm Communicator Receiver DACR GW flexible ONYXWorks system can interface to and monitor events received by Bosch D6600 and Teldat VisorAlarm Central receivers contact ID format only by using the Receivers Gateway see Receivers Gateway data sheet DN 7061 Integration Monitoring Lines with with 2 of 4 DN 7048 K 06 27 2017 Client Applications ONYXWorks Workstation History Manager 06 27 2017 Page 3 of 4 Dimensions desktop rack mount unit Width 482 mm Depth 450 mm 17.7 Height 177 mm 7.0 Weight kg 39 lbs Monitor Dimensions Width 20.2 513.08 cm Height 403.86 mm Depth 8.7 221.8 mm Weight 15.3 lbs kg NOTE Dimensions subject to change Contact for further information Electrical AC Input frequency 47 Hz 63 Hz 7.0 A V 60Hz 95 132 V 4.0 A 230 V 60Hz 185 264 V Monitor Electrical frequency 50 60 Hz auto adjust 100 VAC Power consumption 42 watts Temperature 0 to 49 32 to 120 and Codes complies with the following UL Standards and 72 Fire Alarm Systems requirements UL 864 Fire UL 294 Access Control UL 1076 Burglary UL 2017 General Purpose Signaling UL 2572 Mass Notification CAN ULC S527 CAN ULC S559 and Approvals listings and approvals apply to the modules specified in document In some cases certain modules or applications not be listed by certain approval agencies or listing may be process Consult factory for latest listing status UL ULC Listed S5526 CSFM 7165 0028 0243 7165 NFS2 3030 MEA 286 07 E ONYXWORKS 286 07 E Vol 2 NFN GW PC F Fire Dept of New York COA 6212 NFS2 640 NFS 320 NFS2 3030 FM Approved Information The PC is warrantied for 3 years monitors are from date of purchase for a period of 12 months

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