Ultra Electronics TCPA-OMNI Medium Power Speaker Array

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Ultra Electronics POWER ARRAY UL 1480 ULC S541 LISTED 129dB SPL 1 4 MILE RADIUS RANGE WIDE FREQUENCY RANGE 5kHz OPTIMIZED FOR VOICE 50 200 WATTS 70V DRIVE INTELLIGIBLE VOICE SHARP TONES that Moves TCPA Omni is the perfect for both indoor and mass notification needs is UL 1480 and ULC S541 listed General Notification and Fire Emergency Signaling The provides both crystal voice and high impact making it possible for one to service all of your needs TCPA Omni is the class leader intelligibility and acoustic density At a mere 18 in diameter and weighing 19 pounds the TCPA Omni be heard more than it is Its acoustic punch allows fewer units to be installed large industrial complexes intelligibility while installation and costs TCPA Omni can be powered from a fire alarm control giving the customer a UL listed solution It has power taps 50W 100W 200W which are configured installation unit is corrosion resistant it to withstand industry harshest conditions The housing is UV stable will maintain a quality over time Emergency Notifications Campus Communications Manufacturing Facilities Fire Life Safety Warehouses Corporate Campuses Airports Airport Hangars Arenas Stadiums Parking Structures COLORS AVAILABLE Electronics SPECIFICATIONS Pressure Level Peak 1 m Pressure Level Max RMS Broadband 1 m Pressure Level Max RMS Broadband 100 ft Pressure Level Max RMS 1 kHz 1 m Range 70 dB Frequency Response Frequency Response REQUIREMENTS Voltage SPECIFICATIONS Material Color Temperature Range Humidity Range Protection 1480 S541 100W 126dB 119dB 89dB 116dB 925ft 200W 129dB 122dB 92dB 119dB 1,312ft 50W 123dB 116dB 86dB 113dB 656ft Horizontal 5kHz 5kHz 100 200 Watts DIA x 10.50 H 46.67cm DIA x 26.67cm H 8.62kg Red or White to 60 Non Condensing UL Dry Damp Wet Alarm Emergency Commercial Use Alarm Equipment State Fire Marshal Listed INFORMATION 04 A 04 F 04 N 05 A 05 F 05 N 06 A 06 F 06 N 50W 100W 200W 70 volt drive with red alert label with red fire label with no label with white alert label with white fire label with no label with red alert label with red fire label with no label Electronics reserves the right to these specifications without notice Ultra Electronics Limited 2015 in USA 90185A PDS OMNI Rev C COLORS AVAILABLE a difference Electronics East Park 30 Drive City 46725 8861 1 260 248 3666 sales ultra ussi com

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