Ultra Electronics TCPA-4 500W Omnidirectional Public Address Speaker

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USSI Omnidirectional Address Speaker n 138 dB SPL acoustic n Long range 8202 ft n Dispersion 360 x 90 n Wide frequency 425 Hz 7 kHz n Lightweight at 150 lbs n Rugged composite TCPATM 4 is an omnidirectional speaker system that is of four TCPATM directional speakers that utilize Hyperspike technology to project intelligible voice penetrating alert tones The result is an industry leading that provides unmatched clarity and intelligibility n Crowd Control n First Responders n Emergency Event Control n Border Port Protection n Indoor Outdoor PA TCPATM 4 is constructed using durable powder coated and composite materials that make the unit ideal both indoor and outdoor applications most omnidirectional speaker systems the TCPATM 4 can articulate to vary the dispersion of the speakers a manner that is most beneficial to the end user us Directional Specifications specifications pressure level Max 1 KHz 138 dB 1 m Pressure Level Max 1KHz 108 dB 100 ft ft 70 dB rangeA Horizontal x 90 Vertical kHz 10 dB Hz 7 kHz 10 dB See graph response requirements Power Impedance Voltage Max 1 kHz Watts Ohms VRMS H 47.9 W 47.9 D cm H cm 121.7 W 121.7 cm D lbs 68 kg specifications material color operating temperature humidity Protection C to 60 C Non Condensing Information No Ambient environmental conditions Electronics East Park 30 Drive City 46725 8869 1 260.248.3666 sales ultra ussi com Electronics reserves the to vary these specifications without notice Ultra Electronics Inc 90136A PDS TCPA4 REV A

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