Ultra Electronics MA-2 3200W Omni Directional Loudspeaker

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MA 2 Omni Directional Loudspeaker Power Speaker Array Hazardous Location Certified Class I Division 2 CID2 2 mile radius UL1480A listed STI 0.91 out of 1.0 148 dB SPL peak acoustic output 5 3 2 and 1 sided configurations available A B C and D outdoor wet listed HyperSpike MA 2 is a customizable omni directional power speaker array that broadcasts live and pre voice commands and tones over a 12 square mile Leading the industry in voice intelligibility the MA 2 design achieves an exceptional STI of 0.91 1.0 commands are clearly heard even in high noise The battle tested MA 2 comes with a rugged and UV resistant enclosure ensuring in harsh environments Voltage Power Response Width CID2 Groups A B C and D UL1480A Listed CSA C22.2 No 205 CAN CSA C22.2 No 213 15 ANSI ISA 12.12.01 2015 41 VRMS Multi Channel 90 VRMS Single Channel 36 100 lbs 16.33 45.36 kg 12.8 DIA x 45.5 H 100 Hz 7 kHz 20 to 60 640 W max per side continuous alert tone 120 360 Rating per Multi Channel per and Engineer Specifications High Power Speaker Array shall be a HyperSpike MA 2 model 90 80 providing alarm tone pre or live voice announcements at dB measured at 1 meter from the source The emitter shall be a sided weighing no more than 100 lbs 45.36 kg with one 1 2 outside diameter OD pipe and pedestal pole or wall hardware The emitter shall be able to transmit an 80 dB LAeq audible signal up to 3,280 feet and operate at a of 640 W to 3200 W Equipment shall be suitable for indoor or outdoor wet locations and approvals shall include listing with Class I Division 2 Groups A B C and D Hazardous Location Certification or Non Hazardous only Rev A Electronics USSI 4868 East Park 30 Drive Columbia City IN 46725 8861 1 of 3 Omni Directional Loudspeaker N A Not certified 90163A only L 1480A and Class I Division 2 certified CODE 02 Tan 04 Gray 801 5 sided 802 3 sided 803 2 sided 804 1 sided 90080A MA 2 Single Channel 90224A MA 2 Multi Channel 90163A MA 2 Connectorized Super Heavy Duty with bag Mounting Kit HS Series Emitter Pole Mounting Kit Emitter Wall Mount Mounting Kit 10 Foot Roof Mount Mounting Kit Emitter Ceiling Mount Amplifier Crown 6002 Xti Pod Optimizer Software MA Series individual replacement service kit Connectorized Cable length and vary Tan Speaker Cover Gray Speaker Cover MA 2 comes standard with a mounting adaptor that a 2 diameter pole and has 2 3 8 screws to lock unit in place campus overlay using three MA 2 5 sided emitters Routing Single and Multi Channel Systems single and multi channel MA 2 systems come with a long flexible conduit and 11 foot 14 AWG The connection at the end of the conduit requires installer supplied junction box with a rating suitable the installation environment of the box Routing Connectorized Systems connectorized MA 2 systems have a four pin that provides audio to the speaker from the Included with the unit is a speaker cable used connect the unit to a customer supplied amplifier or optional HyperSpike amplifier PROVIDED 3R OR BETTER JUNCTION FOR OUTDOOR INSTALLATIONS NEMA 1 BOX FOR INDOOR PROVIDED SYSTEM WIRING LOOP IF IN WET CONNECTIONS JUNCTION BOX AMPLIFIER AND CIRCUIT A Channel 1 B Channel 1 C Channel 2 D Channel 2 Rev A Electronics USSI 4868 East Park 30 Drive Columbia City IN 46725 8861 2 of 3 Omni Directional Loudspeaker Single and Multi Channel Systems double channel MA 2 has 14 AWG leads coming out of the speaker as depicted below The red black and white green are used for attaching to the customer supplied amplifier or the optional HyperSpike amplifier kit and the blue yellow orange brown pairs are used for a supervision circuit multi channel MA 2 has a red and black twisted pair of 18 AWG wires coming from each face of the speaker The total of pairs coming out of the speaker will depend on the number of faces populated Each pair has an impedance of 6 and a power rating of up to 320 watts These leads may be attached to a customer supplied amplifier or the optional amplifier kit AMPLIFIER AMPLIFIER Rev A Electronics USSI 4868 East Park 30 Drive Columbia City IN 46725 8861 3 of 3

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