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Public Safety DAS Annunciator Panel VAC Models 1221 A 1221 B 1221 C VDC Models 1221 A 48 1221 B 48 1221 C 48 D 91117 VDC Models 1221A 24 1221 B 24 1221 C 24 Read This First panel has been designed to make it nearly bullet proof to mistakes made when it to your DAS equipment Once you have verified that everything is working as the panel 12 VDC backup battery should be the very last thing to connect will ensure that the battery 1 amp fuse will be unlikely to blow due to any wiring Models manual covers the following Model Numbers 1221 B 1221 C 1221 B 48 1221 C 48 1221 B 24 1221 C 24 1221 A 1221 B and 1221 C are all powered by an included 15 VDC power that is wall mounted and connects to any standard 120 VAC outlet 1221 A 48 1221 B 48 and 1221 C 48 are powered by a user supplied 48 VDC supply and backup battery used by the BDA 1221 A 24 Model 1221 B 24 and 1221 C 24 are powered by a user supplied VDC power supply and backup battery used by the BDA 1221 C 1221 C 24 1221 C 48 have a specially colored LEDS that are required some jurisdictions see page 18 for details REQUIRED Standard Voltmeter Tools and hardware for wall mounting TOOLS screw driver for the connector clamps is included in the accessories trim pot adjustment tool is included with the accessories for applicable models Lengths panel is designed to work with standard Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable that typically has a DC resistance of 2.5 ohms per 100 ft for a single wire strand all the connections to standard dry relay contacts in the DAS equipment the length of the cable the panel and the DAS equipment is not critical because the current in the loop is only about milliamp So cable runs up to 5000 feet or longer can easily be accommodated is not true however for only the Model 1221 A interface connections that are used to sense the of the outdoor Donor Antenna The panel has a circuit in it that measures the DC resistance of a terminator installed at the outdoor antenna via a bias T fitting If the resistance is too high an open circuit or too low indicating a short circuit an alarm is triggered So the DC of the coax cable any connectors and surge protectors in line and the Cat 5 or Cat 6 cabling to the panel can be a significant factor in the overall DC resistance that the panel measures To out these variables there is a trim pot adjustment that must be made when the panel is first but there is a limit to how much resistance can be nulled For this circuit to work well a twisted pair of cat 5 cat 6 cable can be used up to 1000 feet in length If the cable run is than this for example 2000 feet then two twisted pairs should be used in parallel to lower the resistance Please consult our customer service for additional advice and information DC powered units both draw about 100 milliamps of current at either 48 VDC or 24 VDC Please a wire gauge that supports this current consumption with minimal DC voltage drop over the of the cable run BDA Configurations and Settings your BDA does not conform to the standard alarm relay configuration shown in Figures 2 or 3 contact us We have designed into the panel several special DIP switch settings that can almost any non standard alarm set up For example the CommScope NODE A some special settings to deal with issues when power is disconnected Please contact us more information Alarm Panel pin cable connector pin cable connector pin DC Power connector Driver for mating wires to connectors Ahr 12 vdc SLA backup battery pot adjustment tool in applicable models Manual k Ohm 0.25 watt end of line resistor VDC wall mount power supply in applicable models 1 amp battery fuse pin connector 1221 A 1221 B and 1221 C Independent DAS Annunciator Panel Items panel is designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 72 versions 2010 2013 and 2016 and 2016 version of NFPA 1221 consists of several component sections that enable its use with many different types of BDA and power supplies UPS It also has the capability to support DAS installations that have amplifiers and donor antennas Physically the panel modules consist of two printed circuit the LED Board which is mounted on the back side of the door and the Mother Board that is inside the main body of the enclosure There is a shelf cavity that holds the included Ahr 12 vdc SLA emergency backup battery A 15 VDC power supply is also included in applicable that can be connected to any 120 VAC electrical outlet Models that are powered by 48 VDC 24 VDC do not include this power supply Figure 1 shows the main components Figure 12 shows other supplied items main system sections are as follows for the standard models 1221 A and 1221 B HIGH Brightness 3 color Red Green Blue LED Annunciator Displays Main AC power Loss BDA Amplifier Alarm Summary System Alarm Antenna Failure DAS Battery Charger Failure DAS Battery Capacity Low less than 30 panel also provides individual Blue LED indications if there is a communications error open or shorted cable between the panel and the DAS equipment Communications Integrity Sensors each alarm relay from the BDA or backup power supply a sensor is provided that detects if the connected to these devices are open or disconnected A set of dry relay Form C contacts are provided to optionally communicate this problem to the main fire alarm panel MFAP FORM C Dry Relay Contacts to mate with common Fire Alarm Panels See Figure 5 alarm contacts are rated at 1 amp and include provisions for easily installing End of Line EOLR inside the panel These relays utilize the same signaling format as smoke So in the event of an alarm or panel failure the relays will close shorting the end of line ANTENNA Failure Model 1221 A See Figure 6 BDA lack the capability to detect problems with the donor antenna or its lead in cable This includes the internal circuitry to provide this functionality if the BDA does not provide it It with user supplied bias fittings to sense common donor antenna feed problems with Models 1221 A 1221 B 1221 C included with Models 1221 A 48 1221 B 48 1221 C 48 1221 B 24 1221 C 24 DAS Backup Battery Charger Failure Model 1221 A the DAS backup battery charger or UPS does not have a failure sensor the panel can provide functionality DAS Backup Battery Capacity less than 30 Model 1221 A the backup power supply or UPS does not have this alarm capability the panel can provide capability Backup 24 Hour Panel Power panel is powered via an external wall mounted 15 VDC power supply or the external 48 VDC or VDC power supply that provides emergency power for the BDA In the event of AC power loss or of 48 24 VDC the panel will continue normal operation for at least 24 hours The panel backup battery has a lifetime of 4 5 years Best practices call for replacement on an annual The panel is designed for a backup battery with these maximum dimensions 5.96 L x 2.58 x 3.65 H or smaller The replacement battery is available from Amstron Model AP 1280 F2 panel battery also has a method of reporting its failure or its need for replacement to the Main Alarm Panel This feature can be turned OFF or ON The default mode for this is OFF DIP SW4 10 ON NEMA 4 rated wall mounted enclosure fire codes require that this panel meet the NEMA 4 water resistant requirements It has four knockouts on the bottom of the panel that provide four openings for standard and EMT conduit fittings If any of the knockouts are not removed they should be sealed in place with or a similar sealant to maintain the enclosure NEMA 4 rating Test Features to test button is provided that will illuminate each of the 3 color LEDs red green and blue a few seconds in each color During this test the alarm relays to the main fire alarm panel are also actuated To disable this push button see page 19 To statically test

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