Potter PCS Pump Control Switch

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PCS CONTROL SWITCH Listed CSA Approved and CE Marked UL Standard 508 Guide NKPZ and CSA Standard No 14 M Class 321106 for Pressure Operated Industrial Equipment Standard 873 Guide XAPX for Temperature Indicating and Equipment Marked Temperature Range 40 to 140 4.5 to 60 NEMA Type 4X Enclosure for indoor or outdoor use maintain 4X rating use appropriate Type 4 conduit hub Forged Brass Pressure Connections Aluminum Diecast Base with Polymer Enclosure Beryllium Copper Nitrile Pressure Sealing O ring Contact Amps 125 VAC Resitive HP 125 VAC and Installation Model PCS is typically mounted in an upright position on a at by two 1 4 screws through the mounting anges on the base or two 1 4 20 screws into the back of the base See Fig 1 for mounting Locate the switch where vibration shock and ambient uctuations are minimal To avoid damage to the switch hold a wrench on the pressure connection hex when tightening connections Never tighten the pressure connection by turning switch housing into the tting 1 CAST BOX CONNECTOR Stock number 1370080 model PCS is a Pump Control Switch with independent set and points which are adjustable throughout the entire operating range the switch The minimum deadband minimum span between set reset points may be obtained at any point in the operating range the switch When the pressure drops below the setting a snap action closes energizing the built in pump control relay and turns the on When the pressure increases above the high setting the snap switch opens de energizing the built in pump control relay and the pump off control device is designed for use as an operating control in sensing air water or any uid not harmful to the pressure diaphragm or nitrile pressure sealing o ring Where an control would result in personal injury and or loss of property it the responsibility of the installer to add devices safety limit controls protect against or systems alarm supervisory systems that warn control failure device is not intended for applications in explosive environments use with hazardous uids control of motors with HP ratings greater than those shown damage the PCS switch resulting in sprinkler system damage unintentional water flow The installation of a pressure relief set at or below the system maximum operating pressure recommended Range PSIG PSIG PSIG PSIG 1 4 20 x 50 DEEP HOLES BACK MOUNTING 266 MOUNTING HOLES FOR SCREWS 1143 4 Electric Signal Company 2081 Craig Road St Louis MO 63146 4161 Phone 800 325 3936 Canada 888 882 1833 www pottersignal com IN USA MFG 5401143 REV G PAGE 1 OF 2 properly rated temperature supply wire for the anticipated service When applicable make all electrical connections in with the National Electrical Code and all local regulations a junction box with a 2 inch maximum connector length between the enclosure and junction wiring box Do not alter factory on micro switch 2 PCS CONTROL SWITCH not loosen or remove the two 2 screws that secure the switch to the mounting bracket The PCS requires 120V AC power to operate is not possible to test the switch with an ohm meter or continuity tester 120V AC is applied to the black and white wires the 120V AC voltage will be switched internally to the red wire when the pressure the PCS low pressure setting With 120V AC applied to the a wiring check may be performed by manually actuating the switch on the side of the snap action switch inside the enclosure See 3 and metering for 120V AC between the red and white wires two thumb adjustment dials accessible through the enclosure cover are to adjust the set point and reset point of the switch The dial scales and may be used to give an indication of the low and high set points high setting adjustment dial is calibrated for increasing pressure The setting adjustment dial is calibrated for decreasing pressure For best make the nal adjustments with a pressure gauge at the actual media pressure and temperature encountered in the application minimum deadband minimum span between set and reset points be obtained at any point in the operating range of the switch the desired settings are obtained replace the adjustment cover The cover and enclosure cover can be made tamper resistant by a sealing wire inserted through the hole in the locking bar repeatability of the set and reset points is typically of the range 3 IN USA MFG 5401143 REV G PAGE 2 OF 2

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