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Protection meets the newest and most innovative graphical control software in the industry optimal performance and lasting on select Potter IP Based using unmatched technology A configuration will have your system in minutes with advanced tools allow endless customization comprehensive solution PotterNet Fire and Facility Supervising is a graphical desktop application that the monitoring and control of IPA and PFC 4064 fire alarm control It utilizes a distributed client server for communication in order to reduce or single points of failure will monitor all of your compatible panels in a single building on a local or across multiple sites anywhere in world to use interface allows for customizable floor plans automatically direct users to the highest event This allows for easier event and navigation to a point of location current events event notification detailed history high resolution and point details will help facility easily understand the system status PotterNet imports the Potter Fire Programmer database or automatically the monitored points directly from the making commissioning simple and fast and easily facilitate the monitoring and control of IPA AFC ARC and PFC 4064 fire control panels utilizing a distributed client server model for communication M Each station can monitor of panels across campuses M Over 300,000 point capacity M Thousands of customizable plans M Flexible licensing M Multiple monitor capability M Panels supervisory station over TCP IP M History capable of logging 3 events before a backup M Easy to understand event summary M Command and control of local remote panels PotterNet Graphical Monitoring Control Software supports both non UL and UL Listed configurations allowing all these great features to be utilized for any application 864 Listed Configuration UL Listed Configuration M PotterNet Software M UL 864 Listed PC M UL 864 Listed Monitor Touchscreen Available M PotterNet Software M Installable on compatible PCs more information on PotterNet including documentation and additional configurations visit Computer requirements Windows 10 Professional 64 bit Intel i5 or equivalent 2.6 GHz 16GB RAM

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