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Features Connect up to 1000 Potter panels in a single building local or multiple sites worldwide using LAN WAN Internet PotterNet Lite is optimized to monitor one Potter fire panel Native Ethernet networking connectivity with fire panels and stations eliminating need for additional hardware gateways or network interface cards End to end supervision of all panels and PotterNet stations 300,000 point capacity BACnet IP client for monitoring legacy fire systems Customizable floor plans Changes update automatically across all PotterNet stations Read status on any panel point to view critical settings and current Panel and point control from any PotterNet Acknowledge Silence Enable Disable and Drill Flexible licensing and software service agreement provides latest updates Live and recorded mass notification paging IntelliView mobile App and web interface options Single or multiple monitor support with floatable and dockable Free demo mode with built in panel simulator available UL 864 Listed Proprietary Central Station Remote Station Station Control Unit UOJZ S735 Developed manufactured and supported by Potter in the U S A PotterNet Fire and Facility Supervising Station is a graphical application that facilitates the monitoring and control of AFC ARC and PFC 4064 fire alarm control panels It utilizes a client server model for communication in order to reduce or single points of failure will monitor all compatible Potter panels in a single building a local campus or across multiple sites anywhere in the world audio will enable mass notification paging Non Potter can be monitored simultaneously with the built in BACnet 6315 Specifications Stations System Panels System Capacity million signals Import Types OS Platforms Technology Fire Control DXF JPG or PNG 10 Professional 64 bit English USA i5 or equivalent 2.6 GHz 16GB RAM with static IPs version 4.7.2 Visual C 2017 Redistributable IPA 100 IPA 60 AFC 100 AFC 50 ARC 100 BACnet IP 864 CS RU Central Station System Station Receiving Unit PB RS RU Remote Station Supervising COA 6315 7165 0328 0517 RU Proprietary System Supervising Receiving Unit PB Receiving Unit PB PAGE 1 OF 6 Facility Supervising Station8830148 REV F 8 21Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comfirealarmresources com User Interface Detailed active signals list provides time date signal type signal point name panel name device type complete and drawing location All active signals prioritized and color coded for easy on drawings show point status point label and point panning and zooming on all drawings Hyperlink areas make navigation easy and situation awareness can be individually configured to monitor specific subsets panels in the system or specific event types Drawings navigates to highest priority signal options include Zoom Drawing Extents Zoom To Icon Drawing None counters always visible and easy to understand Highest priority active signal indicated by zooming chevrons and point control from any PotterNet station Acknowledge Reset Enable Disable and Drill accessible from Drawings Active Signals tab or System requires AHJ Potter approval view provides read status and sensitivity settings for all on fire panels system for improved survivability via multiple stations PAGE 2 OF 6 REV F 8 21Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comPotterNetFire Facility Supervising Stationfirealarmresources com connected and monitored over native Ethernet connection All configuration and customization tools included with PotterNet all panels and points from panel database or directly from no manual entry required custom and user defined device icons Graphic floorplan drawings support DXF CAD JPG or PNG Drag drop icons onto drawings Automated configuration synchronization between all PotterNet make changes once and share among all PotterNet drawing background and text colors password protected users with configurable capabilities Station Receiving Unit and Protected Premises Unit for signal handling and restore databases for security and technical support User approved and enabled remote access allows Potter Technical connection via Internet to view and resolve any issues with IntelliView Mobile App Monitor fire systems from anywhere in the world Mobile and web based fire panel signal and status information One man walk test with remote panel control from the mobile App Android compatible free Premium subscriptions available systems with an SSA have IntelliView Premium features notifications of active fire panel signals Notification Audio or recorded paging over IP from PotterNet page up to 20 locations PAGE 3 OF 6 REV F 8 21Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comPotterNetFire Facility Supervising Stationfirealarmresources com and Reporting History logs all fire system and PotterNet activity Users can add custom messages to history useful for tracking documenting incidents by date time and signal type data by clicking on any column header report or export to CSV for further editing and formatting million signal capacity history with automated or manual backup sensitivity report for all or a subset of monitored panels detector run time report to identify aging devices PAGE 4 OF 6 REV F 8 21Potter Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 800 325 3936 www pottersignal comPotterNetFire Facility Supervising Stationfirealarmresources com Configurations Architecture is designed to operate on a dedicated or shared TCP IP Ethernet fiber wireless network while using minimal communications bandwidth end to end communications are fully supervised on all network types With the use of a supervised user connection to the Potter panels any loss connectivity is annunciated at the PotterNet station and at the fire alarm control panel Control functions for this system are not enabled by default non UL systems To activate control requires the approval of the AHJ and Potter Contact Potter to obtain the necessary indemnity form required control can be up to 15 PotterNet stations on the system PotterNet maintains connectivity to the fire system and will annunciate all events The Potter alarm panels with their standard Ethernet port require no additional hardware for configuration in a PotterNet network This saves substantial and expense is capable of providing a supplementary reporting interface to non Potter fire systems This is done using a BACnet server that is built into All signals and events delivered over BACnet will be displayed on the powerful PotterNet Client user interface With this interface users leverage the graphics signals list history and other features within PotterNet on non Potter fire systems can be installed in a supplementary non UL or UL 864 listed configuration UL 864 listed applications require the Potter UL listed and monitor In addition the system must follow the UL required installation requirements outlined in the manuals X Y Panel Panel Paging Panels or dedicated wire or TCP IP

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