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SignaLinkTM Bridge Supervisory SignaLink Bridge can monitor any dry contact switch such as or flow switches and transmit their status wirelessly to any alarm panel The SignaLink Bridge uses a wireless transmitter with the switch being monitored and a wireless receiver with the fire alarm panel to fully monitor the switch Questions Can a receiver be paired to multiple transmitters No Each transmitter must be paired to a single receiver If are needed to extend coverage repeaters must be paired to that receiver How many repeaters can be used to extend the range of SignaLink Bridge A maximum of 3 repeaters may be used with a pair What is the range of the SignaLink Bridge Maximum clear line of sight communication is approximately feet between devices Nearby metal objects can greatly signal strength Can the receiver connect to any fire panel or releasing Yes The receiver output is a dry contact there is no panel listing requirement Information Wireless Kit WRX R WTX M Wireless Receiver Wireless Transmitter Wireless Repeater Wireless Setup Tool Compatible with any dry contact switch Compatible with any fire alarm panel Eliminates trenching parking lots Ideal for temporary systems during construction Supervises wiring to connected devices 2.4 GHz band and repeaters for long range operation Setup Tool for assisting installation and troubleshooting Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 314 595 6900 www pottersignal com Indicating Valve Application Alarm Information Service use NFPA 13 13D 13R and 72 Polycarbonate enclosures suitable for indoor and outdoor use Enclosure rating NEMA 4 IP66 40 F to 120 F Power requirements WTX M transmitter can connect to any dry contact switch not classified as explosion proof WRX R receiver connects to any fire panel or monitor module that accepts dry contact inputs Conforms to FCC and Canadian Department of Communications regulations WTX M Transmitter Lithium iron disulfide LiFeS2 batteries WR Repeater 24 VDC power supply or lithium thionyl chloride Li SOCl2 battery WRX R Receiver 24 VDC power supply panel aux power or power supply Electric Signal Company LLC St Louis MO Phone 314 595 6900 www pottersignal com

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