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smoke heat test world the testing of fire detection in a safe and controlled Solo range of tools offer a professional solution to requirements testing all makes and types of heat and CO Fire detectors mounted up to 30ft tools are unique in that they are completely with each other Each of the tools fit on all the poles within the range offering a high quality that repays the investment in a matter of weeks compared to traditional methods of testing detector testing the fire technician NFPA 72 requires that heat detectors are tested via application of a heat source solution 461 461 Cordless CAT Heat Detector Tester Safe with no cables to trip over Battery operated tool Heat is directed horizontally at the sensor Rapid activation of detectors No flame Supplied with 2 Battery Batons and a fast charger Solo 461 comes complete with 2 battery batons that fit inside the Solo poles a charger which may be used in either an outlet or in car CAT Cross Air Technology air is heated and blown across the cup which the heat source is directed at the sensor not the plastic components or For battery conservation the tool does not begin to operate until the breaks the infra red beam in the cup detector testing Smoke Detector Sensitivity Tester world most technologically advanced field service test instrument for sensitivity testing of detectors detector sensitivity can and does drift To help guarantee the performance of detectors and reduce the number of false alarms from over sensitive detectors should be monitored sensitivity is obligatory under NFPA 72 To ensure the sensitivity test is performed the technician must introduce smoke to the sensor through the chamber Sensitivity tests carried out through other means such as laser testing and magnet testing are a test of the electronics of the detector is a fully portable device enabling fire alarm technicians to measure the sensitivity of smoke detectors quickly and easily in one test detector testing 330 and standards require functional tests to introduce smoke through the detector vents and into sensing chamber Magnetic testing is not acceptable use of a smoke dispenser for the release of smoke test for efficient activation of detectors is highly Rugged to withstand the rigors of everyday use Dispenser conserves aerosol and accurate dispersion Spring loaded mechanism for effective economic aerosol particles delivery Touch sensitive ideal for suspended ceilings Clear cup allows view of detector LED Strength and durability of modern plastics technology for long life and minimal weight Solo 332 is available for detectors with larger bases A4 Detector Tester of the correct smoke test aerosol is important and needs to consider following features Oil free formulation Faster testing clearing times Non flammable UL Listed No lasting residue Detector component compatibility Manufacturer endorsed Large 10.0oz size A7 Detector Duster Detector Duster is ideal for the cleaning of detectors from the dust and dirt that can on detector surfaces Debris is one of the causes of detector drift in sensitivity can possibly lead to detector false alarms or in worse cases a failure to alarm in case fire clean the detector simply remove the detector head at any height up to 30ft with the 200 Removal Tool and blow the debris using Solo Detector Duster 100 non flammable Non abrasive Moisture free Large 10.7oz size 200 universal detector removal replacement tool suitable for use on the majority of current coded grips twist into place to create different size combinations One tool is all that you 200 has a universal joint ensuring that the tool remains parallel with the ceiling while in even on detectors that cannot be accessed directly from underneath range if Solo testing tools are available in economical and convenient kit The contents of each are determined according to your testing needs Telescopic and Extension Poles core element of the Solo range is the telescopic pole which is extremely lightweight and quick and to extend to any height are subjected to rigorous conductivity testing to ensure the integrity of the insulating materials in contact with live electrical components make it vital for the insulating materials to be of the standard Solo 100 101 will stand up to the rigors of everyday field testing and isolate the user from danger The telescopic and extension poles combine to reach heights of up to 30ft with all tools conveniently within the range Information Pole Pole Pole Tool Dispenser Dispenser 100 101 108 200 330 332 A4 Detector Tester Smoke Test Aerosol A7 Detector Duster For cleaning of fire detectors 10.7oz 461 Tester Kit 4.8ft to 14.9ft in 4 sections allowing access to approx 20ft 4ft to 7ft 2in in 2 sections allowing access to 10ft 21 2 inch to 41 2 inch in diameter to 4 inch diameter to 71 8 inch in diameter x Solo 460 Cordless Heat Tester x 720 Battery Batons x Solo 725 Universal Battery Charger 808 809 810 850 851 823 800 801 400 starter pack for smoke testing at reduced ceiling height plus aerosol starter pack for smoke testing at extended ceiling height plus aerosol starter pack for smoke testing at normal ceiling height plus aerosol Technician kit for testing removing smoke detectors up to 22 ft Technician kit for testing removing smoke heat detectors up to 22 ft Technician kit for testing removing smoke heat detectors up to 30 ft Detector Sensitivity Testing System Includes case and Solo 100 pole Detector Sensitivity Testing System Includes case UL Listed test smoke for use with Trutest Technician Kit includes Solo 823 Trutest 801 1 case Solo A4 1 case Smoke 400 Campus Parkway Jersey 07753 6815 USA 732 751 9266 732 751 9241 info sdifire com

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