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S M O K E D E T E C T O R T E S T E R S reach LISTED AND ENDORSED BY US DETECTOR MANUFACTURERS testing required and standards throughout the world define the and maintenance of fire detection systems smoke detectors Detectors are tested not in their own right but are often the means through zones or circuits are checked codes and standards now require functional tests to smoke or simulated smoke through the detector and into the sensing chamber Testing proves the of a smoke detector to respond to smoke type communicate with the panel and initiate an alarm a result Magnetic testing is no longer acceptable by application of a recommended aerosol to safely simulate smoke particles is now most widely used professional method approved by manufacturers throughout the world Detectors shall be tested in place to ensure smoke entry into the sensing and an alarm response NFPA 72 1999 Table 7 2 2 Test Methods 13 g Each smoke detector shall be tested for operation by introducing smoke or smoke to the detecting chamber CAN ULC S536 97 6 6 4 1 4 each detector should be checked for correct operation BS 5839 Part 1 1988 29.2.7 b Testing using an unmeasured source of smoke or other aerosol is not a test of detector sensitivity see Trutest range of test tools both time and money ensure professional testing of installed detectors the majority of fire companies choose equipment for their service and maintenance engineers manufacturer is unique as a totally independent company universal test tools for the fire protection service and industry The company works closely with major detector to develop endorsed high quality test tools that are lightweight easy to use and above all professional in SOLO tools and equipment is repaid in a matter of days SOLO range consists of integrated durable tools which an unparalleled cost and time saving over alternative of functional testing of smoke detectors mounted up to 30ft high can be tested removed and replaced with ease the best tools available to do the job technicians can complete testing and accurately saving considerable time 330 SMOKE DISPENSER for today maintenance engineer from a range of customers detailing their ideal dispenser has resulted in the Solo 330 strong and simple to use it has been truly for daily rigoros use Solo 330 has been ergonomically designed for use with the specially formulated Solo Aerosol they offer fully controlled and efficient testing a short burst of the aerosol is all that is needed to smoke detectors injection moulded construction and swing frame of the 330 make it the ideal tool for testing virtually all types makes of modern smoke detectors at heights up to 30ft Solo 330 developed using the latest 3D modelling has recently won a design award design simple yet clever benefits the 330 Durable to withstand the rigors of everyday use Strength and durability of modern plastics optimized to ensure long life Injection moulded plastic design minimizes weight Spring loaded mechanism enables effective but economic aerosol delivery Dispenser and patented diaphram contain particles conserves aerosol Aerosol spray not directed at detector not swamped with particles Touch sensitive ideal for testing detectors to suspended ceilings Universal suits most detectors fitted from ceiling height up to 30ft Clear cup and diaphragm allows view of the LED whilst testing Interchangeable with all other Solo tools LISTED AND ENDORSED BY US DETECTOR MANUFACTURERS Aerosol The most thoroughly Smoke Test Aerosol using aerosols dispensed from pressurized canisters now widely accepted as the most popular means of the test for function of a smoke detector not harming the detector its components the user or environment aerosol usage increases so do the number of providers must be aware that to manufacture a product which activate a smoke detector is not difficult However it is more challenging to manufacture a product is suitable for all makes and models of detector many test aerosols in today fire protection market not been fully researched and as a result can cause such as stress cracking in detectors other damage components harm to the environment in which the is installed or even respiratory or other health to the user Some may even pose a fire risk Aerosol has been subjected to the most in depth plastic compatibility and research and testing in the history of this type of product recommend the use of a smoke dispenser for the release of the design of the aerosol being optimized for this function size and dissipation is the key to efficient activation of detectors ensuring detectors are not soiled by excessive aerosol application of the correct chemicals for use within these products is of importance since there is a need to combine the often requirements of performance environmental regulations low cost and most importantly compatibility with the from which the detectors are manufactured Product Information Chemical testing Field testing Solo Aerosol is the result of an extensive two year research program to produce the best efficient and safest smoke aerosol The project within the UK government Teaching Scheme TCS brought together the test and service equipment skills of the with the chemistry and particulate behavior skills of a major London university aerosol development scientist based at the manufacturer undertook research into aerosol and detection devices concentrating on particle size characteristic and behaviour residue toxicity of product device response clearing times detector and component compatibility spray pattern used in detector test equipment need to be compatible with the plastics from detectors are manufactured This project included the most in depth plastic chemical tests ever conducted in this field and proved Solo aerosol to be chemically safe also uncovered worrying deficiencies in currently available alternatives result is Aerosol Definitive Smoke Testing Aerosol Aerosol has been proven to contain the properties vital to today fire protection market Benefits Non flammable formulation No damage to detector plastics components Faster response times to alarm Faster clearing and detector re set times Minimum residue Designed for use with Solo 330 Smoke Dispenser Minimum impact to health safety and environment Improved value for the customer term testing carried out on aerosols by the manufacturer has optimized the rate for smoke detectors as well the clearing time reducing the time for testing Statement based on those detector plastics and components included within the development project and current at that time LISTED AND ENDORSED BY US DETECTOR MANUFACTURERS Access Poles key feature of the professional Solo range of quality products is its interchangeable tools Each tool is developed for a task but each interchanges on either a 14ft 7 telescopic or a single 3ft 7 extension pole The single extension in turn can be fitted onto the telescopic pole for reaching heights as high as 30ft ladders or mobile platforms to reach detectors is obviously inefficient Using Solo access poles detectors are rapidly or removed considerably increasing efficiency and safety with minimum inconvenience extremely strong and amazingly light Solo access poles will provide years of reliable service Simplicity itself to use superior poles are the best investment you can make try them and see the difference they make to the efficiency of service operation Solo 100 telescopic pole extends from 4ft 2 to 14ft 7 in 4 sections allowing access to detectors fitted up to 20ft Made from strengthened durable fiberglass Lightweight and portable s

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