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Trutest is the world most technologically advanced field service test for smoke detectors It enables fire alarm technicians to the sensitivity of installed smoke detectors quickly easily and above all professionally TEST DETECTOR FUNCTION AND SENSITIVITY sensitivity can and does drift leads to false alarms to late alarms or no The need for functional testing introducing a smoke type is well recognised detectors shall be tested in to ensure smoke entry into the chamber and an alarm Testing with smoke or aerosol shall be permitted as test methods the requirement for sensitivity checks also clear in national standards shall be performed to that each smoke detector is its listed and marked range NFPA 72 1999 Table 7 2.2 Test Methods 13 g 1 is essential that routine tests are to ensure that the degree of sensitivity to fire maintained and users should themselves on this point NFPA 72 1999 Table 7 2.2 Test Methods 13 g 1 BS 5839 Part 1 1988 29.4.1 its measured introduction of smoke aerosol to the sensing of the installed detector enables the functional and checks to be combined a single cost effective test revolutionary product Trutest not only a smoke test aerosol through the vents the installed detector to the sensing chamber operates using a precision closed loop system measuring smoke obscuration and feeding back to a controlling microprocessor Reduces false alarms a huge in the industry Verifies the protection you from your detector Battery operated and light Simple to use Suits most detectors Calibrated in ft Tests installed detectors Self calibrates before testing Measures actual sensitivity leading device adds to sys TO BOTH CONVENTIONAL AND INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS DETECTORS detectors have no means of measuring their own sensitivity Their sensitivity drifts and so it should be tracked over a period of using Trutest DETECTORS the fire system panel of an intelligent system enables at best a check of the value of air response levels It does not the condition of the vents or ability of the detector to receive smoke into its sensing chamber Correlating an unmeasured smoke e g hand held can of smoke with a panel interrogation also does not produce a quantified test as US NFPA 72 confirms detector sensitivity shall not be measured using any device that administers an unmeasured concentration of or other aerosol into the detector NFPA 72 1999 7 3.2.1 introducing a measured and controlled smoke stimulus into the sensing chamber Trutest enables cross references to be made the independent Trutest readings and the analog readings from the system panel Only in this way can a true test of systems be achieved TEST MEASUREMENT standards permit sensitivity test frequencies to be extended after proven stability This relies on tracking drift which can be done only by actual sensitivity readings Trutest does not need two tests to check upper and lower limits which in itself does not establish actual Just one test provides an actual reading in ft which can be year on year to establish drift Other features include auto self calibration before each test telescopic adjustment to over 20ft 6m battery charge for a complete day testing all hardware supplied in kit price quoted SIMPLE TO USE assemble with ease offer up to detector select detector type and profile start test smoke level automatically increases detector goes into alarm stop test and take reading its type today integrity while saving time labor and money accuracy for sensitivity measurements Specified at 68 5 60 RH using slow ramp detector types and profiles of reading 0.6 ft of reading 0.3 ft of detectors diameters from 2.8in 71mm to 5.7in 145mm parameters working height 8ins 6.3m test time calibration time clearing time tests per aerosol canister obscuration for ionization obscuration for photoelectric battery life be conducted whilst walking between detectors seconds seconds tests ft ft ft of aerosol friendly non flammable non toxic Data Sheet available on request seconds 1 ft minute fast ramp slow ramp hours testing on a full charge operation intervals temperature temperature before each test year recommended but max interval 5000 tests to 95 10 to 35 to 120 10 to 50 not store in direct sunlight 85 RH non condensing of main unit incl aerosol canister 9oz 3kg our policy is one of continuous improvement described within this publication are subject to change without notice information 800 801 400 kit with telescopic pole for users who already own SOLO 100 telescopic pole aerosol for Trutest minimum order 12 off canisters SPECIFY COUNTRY OF USE WHEN ORDERING extensions to reach up to 30ft 9m servicing is fully compatible with SOLO and SOLO users can add a single universal detector tool functional heat detector testers and 110 240 volt versions functional smoke detector testers because Trutest and SOLO on the same pole the result the most cost effective fully integrated range in the world world genuine leader in smoke and heat detector and service devices distributed in North America by Campus Parkway Neptune New Jersey NJ 07753 732 751 9266 Fax 732 751 9241 www sdifire com info sdifire com by No Climb Products Ltd Works Alston Road Barnet Hertfordshire EN5 4EL 44 0 20 8449 3391 Fax 44 0 20 8449 4029 www noclimb com sales noclimb com

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