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Instructions d Telescopic Poles and Extension Pole 330 Aerosol Dispenser A4 Detector Tester and Solo C3 CO 200 Removal Tool 423 4 Heat Detector Tester 461 Cordless Heat Detector Tester 461 Battery Baton Solo 610 Bags and Solo Kits Trutest Product Chart Perche t Solo 100 Solo108 Extension Solo 101 Bol test transparent pour d de Solo 330 A Solo A4 Solo CO C3 Outil universal de d Solo 200 Bol test transparent filaire pour d Solo 423 4 Kit bol test transparent autonome pour thermiques Solo 461 Solo 461 Battery Baton Sacs de rangement Solo 610 kits Solo Trutest Charte des produits Solo 100 108 101 Verl Solo 330 Rauchmelder Pr Solo A4 Pr und Solo CO C3 Pr Solo 200 Melderpfl Solo 423 424 W Solo 461 Battery Baton Solo 461 Akku Auflade Anleitung Solo 610 Einsatztasche Solo Set Trutest Pali telescopici di estensione 100 108 101 Diffusore aerosol Solo 330 Solo A4 e Solo CO C3 Attrezzo per la rimozione del Solo 200 Tester di rivelatori di calore Solo 423 4 Istruzioni per la batteria del Solo 461 Solo 461 Battery Baton Borse e kit del Solo 610 Trutest Tabella del prodotto de materias Tubos para pertigas Telescopicos Solo 100 Solo 108 Sencillo Solo101 Comprobador detectores de humo Solo 330 Gas aerosol Solo A4 y mon de carbono Solo C3 Extractor Solo 200 Comprobador detectores t Comprobador aut detectores 423 4 Solo 461 Solo 461 Battery Baton Bolsa de transporte Solo 610 Equipos Trutest Diagrama de funciones y alturas available in North America 2 100 and Solo 108 Telescopic Poles Extendable non conductive fibreglass pole Designed for use at varying heights see product chart on page 11 Accepts Solo 101 extensions and all Solo tools including Trutest for use OR 4 SECTIONS TOOL INTO POLE TWIST TO BUTTON 101 Extension Pole 1.1m 3ft 9 addition to the Solo 100 telescopic pole or may be by itself with the Solo range of tools Solo poles can be cleaned with mild detergent in water and a soft lint free cloth Lubrication is necessary The use of Personal Protection Equipment is recommended using tools at height of 3 extension poles recommended 3 330 Aerosol Dispenser for use A4 Detector Tester Solo 330 over detector ensuring a seal around smoke Unscrew and remove retainer cup Place aerosol canister into cup Replace retainer cup screw upwards cup until aerosol activates and slightly Insert the Solo 330 into Solo pole upwards slightly to activate aerosol no more than 1 burst the detector has not responded in 10 seconds repeat above 10 seconds Number of total sprays should not exceed 5 the detector fails to activate check equipment and retest the detector does not activate it will require further liquid deposits may be experienced extended periods of use To clean a lint free cloth Wash the cup with a mild in warm water and dry thoroughly 332 larger Designed to be used only in conjunction Solo 330 332 dispenser Does not leave residue when used correctly with 330 332 Dispenser Activates detectors quickly Dissipates rapidly enabling the detector to be reset after successful activation Dispenser conserves aerosol controls usage reduces possibility of misuse Not using the recommended aerosol can cause and detector damage CAUTION and Instructions before use are pressurised containers not pierce incinerate or expose to temperatures above 120 when empty away from sources of heat including sunlight Personal Protection Equipment appropriate to the task and the environment Safety Data Sheets available on request or online at www noclimb com CO Aerosol C3 Suitable for use on CO Fire Detectors Designed for use in Solo 330 332 Dispenser See Solo 330 332 Instructions for use CO uses CO in a sufficiently low concentration to be of risk when used as directed is colourless and odourless and may be harmful CAUTION and instructions before use To prevent the possibility of the aerosol discharging while in loosen retainer cup by unscrewing 2 full turns 4 available in North America 5 200 Universal Removal Tool Suitable for wide range of detector makes and sizes Adjustable colour coded tri grips rotate to fit different sized detectors Universal joint ensures tool remains parallel with ceiling while in use the Tri grips Yellow Blue Red 76mm 2.5 3.0in diameter 98mm 3.0 3.85in diameter 112mm 3.85 4.4in diameter 93mm 2.91 3.66in diameter 87mm 2.95 3.43in diameter 105mm 3.6 4.13in diameter AND TWIST for use LOWER BUTTON FOR AT ANGLES UPPER BUTTON FOR FITTED DETECTORS 423 4 Heat Detector Tester for use POWER CABLE IF ADD OPTIONAL CABLE EXTENSION CABLE CLIP 423 4 INTO POLE TO POWER AND ON SWITCH OVER DETECTOR If detector does not activate within 1 minute it may be faulty Available in 110v and 230v versions Fitted with a thermal cut out protection system DETECTOR AND PULL DOWN 6 NOT TOUCH METAL GRILL available in North America 7 NOT BLOCK AIR VENTS USER SERVICABLE PARTS 461 Cordless Heat Detector Tester for use 461 Battery Charging Instructions and Information a charged Battery Baton tool pole the red switch to turn on illuminates green at slow rate indicates STANDBY mode the latch place over detector Tool will automatically start testing when infra red beam in cup is broken Green LED will flash faster Hold in place until the alarm is activated When the detector alarms remove the tool from the detector It will revert to standby mode slow flashing green LED and the internal will cool the heating element for a few seconds the detector fails to activate it may be faulty Insert a replacement detector and test again flashing red warning battery nearly discharged Normal testing can continue constantly red battery fully discharged or error Testing cannot continue flashing red green Tool automatically terminated test Time exceeded 120 sec testing switch off at red switch to battery life Tips Tool features an automatic power saving feature will turn it off after five minutes if not used Only use with Solo Battery Baton and only charge the Battery Baton the Solo Charger see Page 9 for charging instructions It is normal for the Battery Baton to get slightly warm during use Never block the ventilation hole in the side of the cup which ensures correct airflow 8 Connect charger to power outlet lighter socket in vehicle mains lead supplied or umbilical DC connecting Power LED will illuminate Connect battery to charger Fast Charge LED will illuminate When battery is fully charged charge LED will extinguish Trickle charge LED will illuminate Ideally fully discharge in normal use recharge International power outlet cables available from your supplier 9 610 Protective Carrying Storage Bag Chart bag is recommended for use both to carry and store the Solo and also to protect it from damage Manufactured from woven polyester PVC coating Reinforced to withstand and tear Specially designed compartments take full range of products Separate pole bag included Convenient size and shape for

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