Siemens LVM Live Voice Module, Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions LVM Voice Module and Indicators Model LVM Live Voice Module from Siemens Inc provides firefighters with a means of live voice messages to specified audio The LVM has a push to talk switch on the as well as a retractable coiled cord the push to talk switch and the microphone supervised The LVM has a built in speaker to active tones and messages Each DAC in the system with an LPB supports up to LVMs Additional LVMs may be remotely using the RNI front panel of the LVM contains switches and six pairs of LEDS pair contains one bi color red and one yellow LED The of the switches and LEDs programmed using the Zeus Tool to the Zeus Quick Start Guide 315 033875 All LEDs can be ON OFF or FLASHING switches are used for manual of the voice system 1 Live Voice Module functions of the remaining LEDs and push buttons are defined as follows TONE TO PAGE VOLUME illuminated indicates that the tone is active at the illuminated indicates that all zones are ready to be paged two pushbuttons increase or the volume of the speaker on LVM Inc Inc Inc Industry Inc Inc TTTTTececececechnologies Di Di Di Division Di 315 034090 11 back of the LVM contains 2 rotary address switches and five diagnostic LEDs plug in cable connectors for the CAN and two plug in cable connectors for audio Figure 2 The function of the diagnostic LEDs are defined as follows the board address for the LVM using both of the ten position rotary switches on the back of the board See Figure 2 Each of these addresses must be a of the DAC and must be the same as the addresses assigned in the Programming Tool 2 Cable Connections Diagnostics and Address Switches setting the address label each switch or LED When viewed from the front of the LVM the labels are on the left and the control switches and LEDs are on right to the Zeus configuration for the address of each module and its functions the label strip from its slot and type or print a brief function for each switch completing the label strip insert in back into its slot See Figure 3 3 A Label Into Back Of The LVM LVM mounts to the rear of the inner door in the CAB 1 CAB 2 CAB 3 REMBOX2 REMBOX4 enclosures Select the location of the LVM In CAB 1 2 3 it can be on either side of the PMI PMI 2 over the two mounting studs in the location In the REMBOX2 4 the LVM may mount in any of the positions as from the front Secure the LVM to the inner door with the two nuts provided to Figure 4 Industry Inc Technologies Division 315 034090 11 selecting the location to mount the LVM keep in mind that no modules or supplies extenders can be installed in the space on the CAB MP or directly behind the LVM using a REMBOX 2 4 the OCM 16 and SIM 16 cannot be used DOOR 4 the LVM To The Rear Of The Inner Door cable CCL a 30 inch long 6 wire cable P N 599 634214 connects the LVM to next CAN module or P3 on the CC 5 CC 2 or P4 on the RNI 24 inch long 10 wire audio cable P N 555 134260 connects the LVM to P4 on the or JP6 on the PMI or J1 on the PMI 2 or P1 on the RNI Refer to Figure 5 sure that all cables seat fully into their connectors Secure the cable in the back using cable ties and the tie down points in the enclosure The cable must have slack to allow the inner door to open fully without putting stress on the all system power before installation first battery then AC To power up the AC first then the battery LVM module is a node in the CAN bus LVM connects either through the CC 5 CC 2 CAN bus via a plug in to the DAC or via the RNI to 99 CAN modules in any combination can be connected to the CAN of each DAC LVM module is shipped with one CCL cable Industry Inc Technologies Division 315 034090 11 connections for the LVM are shown in the following table and in 5 and 6 NEXT CAN MODULE FMT CC 5 2 PMI PMI 2 OR RNI CC 5 2 OR RNI RNI INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS P N 315 033420 5 Wiring CAN bus requires a 120 ohm resistance at each end of the loop Refer to the Installation Instructions P N 315 035100 for details about CAN termination Five LVMs max per DAC NET LPB An LVM is not required in the enclosure with the DAC NET LPB Reference RNI Installation Instructions P N 315 033420 for complete wiring details 6 and CAN Bus Routing for Multiple LVMs Connected to a Single DAC NET LPB RATINGS CE applications in Cerberus E100 systems refer to Instruction A24205 A334 B844 English or A24205 A334 A844 German Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ Canada Limited Technologies Division Kenview Boulevard Ontario L6T 5E4 Canada Geb Co oHG M 315 034090 11

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