Siemens MEM-1 MXL Memory Expansion Module, Installation Instructions

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OPERATION the new IC107 Instructions MEM 1 Memory Expansion Module Model MEM 1 Memory Expansion module provides the MXL System with the additional required to support MMB firmware 7.0 and higher If your MXL System is upgraded to an MMB firmware revision 7.0 or higher and the MMB 1 does not have factory installed MEM 1 then you must install MEM 1 all system power before first battery and then AC If the MKB 1 in your MXL System the MMB 1 board remove MKB 1 before proceeding If your MXL System has an IEC 1 remove it before installing the installation kit for the MEM 1 includes the items New IC107 replaces IC107 on MMB 1 MEM 1 Nylon standoff new IC107 20 pin IC for the MMB 1 is re to support the MEM 1 This new IC107 the existing IC107 which is in a socket above and to the left of the expansion con P7 See Figure 1 Remove the old IC107 from the socket replace it with the new IC107 in the kit Be sure that pin 1 of the new IC107 is down toward P7 the MEM 1 MEM 1 installs into P7 on the MMB 1 P7 is 40 position DIP socket labeled Expansion which is located at the bottom center the MMB 1 The MEM 1 installs into this socket spans IC101 which is the large square to the right of P7 The MEM 1 has an backed nylon standoff that supports the side of the module This standoff must be Remove the paper on the standoff to the adhesive the 40 pin header P1 into P7 on MMB 1 being careful to align all of the You may have to adjust the standoff that it clears IC101 Once the header is fully inserted press on the right side of the module to the standoff to the MMB 1 Industry Inc Technologies Division Park NJ 315 093943 5 Building Technologies Ltd Safety Security Products Kenview Boulevard Ontario 5E4 Canada INPUT TO MOM 4 AMP MAX 2 1 POWER 2 ANN 1 P1 BACK OF MKB 1 101 1 MMB 1 Set the Jumper on the MEM 1 MEM 1 has a configuration jumper P2 See 2 that must be set to work with the kit that contains the new firmware Refer the MSU 1K Installation Instructions P N 315 for the proper setting of the jumper the EPROM on the MEM 1 in the MSU 1K kit is an EPROM labeled This EPROM goes into the U2 socket on the Refer to the MSU 1K Installation Instruc P N 315 092542 for the procedure to install EPROM Re install the IEC 1 the IEC 1 was removed before installing the re install it now Re install the MKB 1 2 MEM 1 the MKB 1 was removed before installing the re install it now RATINGS 100mA 315 093943 5

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