Siemens PAD-5-CLSA Class A B Expansion Board with Releasing, Installation Instructions

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PAD 5TM CLSA A B Expansion Board Releasing Industry Inc Infrastructure Notice Notice specifications and availability subject to change without notice 2020 Copyright by Siemens Industry Inc is a trademark of Siemens Industry Inc reproduction dissemination and or editing of this document as well as of its contents and communication thereof to others without express are prohibited Offenders will be held liable for payment of damages All created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design patent are by Industry Inc Infrastructure Fernwood Road Park NJ 07932 1 973 593 2600 2020 08 31 ID A6V101030359 en d Industry Inc Infrastructure security disclaimer provides a portfolio of products solutions systems and services that security functions that support the secure operation of plants systems and networks In the field of Building Technologies this includes building and control fire safety security management as well as physical systems order to protect plants systems machines and networks against cyber threats it necessary to implement and continuously maintain a holistic state of the art concept Siemens portfolio only forms one element of such a concept are responsible for preventing unauthorized access to your plants systems and networks which should only be connected to an enterprise network the internet if and to the extent such a connection is necessary and only when security measures e g firewalls and or network segmentation are in Additionally Siemens guidance on appropriate security measures should be into account For additional information please contact your Siemens sales or visit https www siemens com global en home company topicareas portfolio undergoes continuous development to make it more secure strongly recommends that updates are applied as soon as they are and that the latest versions are used Use of versions that are no longer and failure to apply the latest updates may increase your exposure to threats Siemens strongly recommends to comply with security advisories on latest security threats patches and other related measures published among under https www siemens com cert en cert security advisories htm Industry Inc Infrastructure of Contents of Contents 5 5 5 7 Routing 8 the PAD 5 CLSA 9 and Configuring the PAD 5 CLSA 9 Circuits 11 Wiring the NAC circuits Class A and B Configured as Auxiliary Output Circuits Configured as Shorting Device Inputs Application 14 Class B Releasing 15 Class A Releasing 15 of Strobes 16 Indicators 16 Data 19 Industry Inc Infrastructure PAD 5 CLSA PAD 5 CLSA 1 PAD 5 CLSA Description Model PAD 5 CLSA is an add on card for the PAD 5 Main Board When mounted the main board this add on card provides four additional NAC circuits that can be for Releasing as well as other configurable properties as described below PAD 5 CLSA uses one address on the P2 loop The PAD 5 CLSA address is one more than the PAD 5 main board that it is plugged into The DPU is used program the P2 address of the PAD 5 CLSA There are LED indicators for each as well as for the P2 interface and for the status of the card purpose of the PAD 5 main board is to provide remote power for notification and accessory modules such as door holders The PAD 5 also allows for modules that plug into the main PAD 5 The expansion port allows for the of a PAD 5 CDC Conventional Detector Card or PAD 5 CLSA NAC Card with Releasing designations NAC 5 8 Only one expansion can be to the PAD 5 at one time so you either have conventional zones or NAC but not both on the expansion slot maximum number of PAD 5 Main Boards and expansion boards combined is 32 device loop driver On the Desigo Fire Safety Modular Cerberus PRO Modular and FC2025 FC2050 FV2025 FV2050 FC922 FC924 FV922 FV924 the maximum of PAD 5 Main Boards and expansion boards combined is 32 per device loop On the FC901 FC2005 a maximum number of seven PAD 5 Main Boards and boards combined can be connected XDLC is the P2 device loop card for the Desigo Fire Safety Modular Cerberus Modular system The Periboard contains the P2 device loop driver for the FC922 FC924 FV922 FV924 The FCM901 U1 and contain the P2 device loop driver for the FC901 and FC2005 Properties There are four power limited NAC outputs which have the following Industry Inc Infrastructure PAD 5 CLSA NAC 5 through NAC 8 Wiring configuration Class B or Class A In Class A NACs are referred to as NAC 3 and NAC 4 Wiring Class configured through configuration tool no jumpers required Each NAC whether Class B or A has a maximum output of 3A 24VDC For Class A the configuration is NAC 3 and NAC 4 There are only two in Class A All NACs provide coded bell horn patterns and synchronization for strobes All NACs can be configured as additional Auxiliary outputs or used for input devices through the Fire Alarm Control Panel and Programming Tool All NACs are supervised for opens shorts and overcurrent Each NAC has independent short circuit and transient protection EOL values of 2.2K through 24K are acceptable and do not need through the tool Class A NAC usage does not require an EOL This only applies to NAC supervision Releasing must be a 24Kohm EOL Use REL EOL P N 500 696359 for releasing applications Status LEDs indicates if output is in trouble or was previously in trouble in case of an intermittent fault Only NAC 5 and NAC 6 NAC 3 in Class A can be configured for There is a Manual Disconnect switch that disables all power to 5 and 6 This is used to prevent accidental energizing of the releasing during servicing Two switches are required to enable or disable When using releasing the REL EOL is required for Class B or A and the EOL value can only be 24Kohms P2 loop circuitry for connection to Fire Panel device loop P2 with from short circuit capabilities Compatibility with Desigo Fire Safety Modular and Cerberus PRO Modular via the XDLC Card Compatibility with the FC2025 FC2050 FV2025 FV2050 via the Periphery boards FCI2016 U1 and Compatibility with the Cerberus PRO FC901 and Desigo Fire Safety via the

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