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I Ohio Avenue St Charles Illinois 60174 FAX 630 377 6495 AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS BEAM1224S Reflected Type Beam Smoke Detector Time Conditions Features 1 25 2 30 3 40 4 50 5 30 to 50 Acclimate 6 40 to 50 Acclimate to 230 Feet 5 to 70m 230 to 328 Feet 70 to 100m using optional accessory BEAMLRK to 50 Total Obscuration in 6 levels to 60 Feet 9.1 to 18.3m 20 seconds typical TROUBLE 30 seconds typical Blockage 96 or More Obscuration Initial Alignment limit reached service needed Alignment mode Sensitivity Test Filter BEAM1224S only Filter Incremental scale on reflector Alarm Test Switch Alarm Reset Switch Test and Reset Switch Capability Remote Output Local LED red Remote Output Local LED yellow Blink Pattern Indicates Trouble Diagnostics OPERATION Local LED flashing green once every 5 sec AIDS Optical Gunsight coarse adjustment 00 to 99 Digital Display fine adjustment Alarm Trouble Digital Display Readout in Percent Obscuration to 131 to 55 NOTE For applications below 32 0 see Special Applications on page 2 to 93 RH Non condensing Weight Size Angle Trim Ring unit 3.9 lbs 1.77 kg 381mm 267mm 165mm only without optional accessories Terminal Blocks 12 to 22AWG Horizontal and Vertical be painted using enamel or acrylic type paints Ripple Voltage 24 VDC Test Mode BEAM1224S only Contacts Time Time after 2 min reset Verification Time Output Alarm Trouble Max Max Max Max to 32 VDC BEAM1224 15 to 32 VDC BEAM1224S volts Peak to peak NOTE ripple must not fall below minimum operating voltage specification Standby Alarm Trouble Alignment Test at 30 VDC Seconds Max sec Max sec Max 15 to 32 VDC NOTE Output voltage same as device input voltage 15mA maximum 6mA minimum NOTE Output current is limited by 2.2Kohm resistor Max INSTALLING thoroughly read this manual and applicable sections of System Sensor Reflected Beam Detector Application Guide BMAG240 This is available online at www systemsensor com DESCRIPTION Sensor Model BEAM1224 BEAM1224S is a long range projected beam detector designed to provide open area protection It is to be used UL listed separately supplied power 4 wire control panels only The consists of a transmitter receiver unit and a reflector Smoke entering area between the transmitter receiver and reflector causes a reduction in When the obscuration reaches alarm thresholds chosen at the trans unit the detector generates an alarm signal Complete block of the beam causes a trouble signal Slow changes in obscuration due to build up of dirt or dust on the lens of the detector are compensated for by BEAMMMK allows System Sensor reflected beam detectors and reflec to be mounted to either a vertical wall or the ceiling The kit allows for alignment range in cases where the detector and reflector cannot mounted within 10 of each other The kit includes the hardware neces to mount either a single transmitter receiver unit or a single reflector mount the transmitter receiver the surface mount kit BEAMSMK must be used If the transmitter receiver and the reflector require additional range two kits are required The kit is not compatible with the long reflector kit BEAMLRK BEAMSMK allows System Sensor reflected beam detectors to be mounted surface wiring is used This kit must be used when mounting the trans unit with the multi mount kit BEAMMMK 6500 MMK provides a heavy duty multi mount bracket for installations to building movement or vibration It offers similar tilt and swivel flex found on the BEAMMMK To mount the transmitter receiver to the the surface mount kit 6500 SMK must be used 6500 SMK allows the transmitter receiver to be mounted to the 6500 heavy duty multi mount kit BEAMHK allows the transmitter receiver unit to operate in environments to the formation of condensation Condensation forming on the beam unit may result in trouble or false alarm conditions BEAMHK will the likelihood of condensation by maintaining the unit at a temperature is slightly higher than the surrounding air Please refer to the BEAMHK manual for operation instructions BEAMHKR allows the reflector to operate in environments prone to the of condensation Condensation forming on the reflector may result trouble or false alarm conditions BEAMHKR will lessen the likelihood of by maintaining the reflector at a temperature that is slightly than surrounding air The kit requires a 24V power supply When used the long range reflector kit BEAMLKR it is necessary to purchase and four BEAMHKR kits Please refer to the BEAMHKR installation manual operation instructions or RTS151 KEY remote test accessory allows for the beam detector to be tested remotely test accessory provides test and reset functions and green and red LED mimic the LED on the detector LIST Unit 1 Trim Ring 1 1 Terminal Blocks 4 Manual 1 Paper Sheet 1 DIAGRAM NOT TO SCALE BLOCK TRIM RING microcontroller that continuously monitors the signal strength and periodi updates the alarm and trouble thresholds When the self compensation reaches its limit the detector generates a trouble signal indicating the for service LEDs on the detector indicate the current status a red LED for alarm a LED for trouble and a blinking green LED for standby operation The signal latches and can be reset by a momentary power interruption by the remote reset input to the detector if using the remote test reset sta model RTS451 or with the local reset button located on the detector The reset button is accessible by removing the outer paintable trim ring The LED will blink in specific patterns to provide a diagnostic aid when the cause of a trouble signal It will also blink the amount of drift that has been used at the conclusion of the test Trouble signals reset upon removing the cause of trouble Red and yellow LEDs be remotely connected to the remote Alarm and Trouble outputs These mimic the functions of the detector red and yellow LEDs In addition these indicators there is a dual digital display that reads 00 to 99 This dis is used to indicate the signal strength of the beam in alignment mode and indicate the sensitivity setting of the detector in percent obscuration when the sensitivity of the detector No additional equipment is needed for of the beam detector contains one Form A normally open contact for alarm signals one Form B normally closed contact for trouble signals The trouble will open if power is removed from the detector Thus an additional power supervision relay is not necessary The trouble contacts from all beam detectors on one initiating circuit must be connected after the last device on the loop This prevents a single beam detector in trouble disabling other initiating devices on the same loop APPLICATIONS to the inherent capabilities of projected type beam detectors they are installed in locations where spot type detection is impractical Projected beam smoke detectors are ideally suited for environmental conditions might include high ceilings dusty and dirty environments or environ that experience temperature extremes Often these conditions present problems for the

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