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A P P L I C A T I O N S G U I D E Technology Detector P P L I C A T I O N S G U I D E Technology Detector 1 2 3 2 2 2 Applications 2 to Avoid 2 4 it Works 3 Principles of Laser Detection 3 5 6 7 4 and Standards 4 of Pinnacle 6 Assurance 6 Gasoline Fire Test 7 Heptane Fire Test 7 8 9 10 vs Aspirating 7 vs Reality 8 8 purpose of this guide is to provide information concerning the proper application of detectors used in conjunction with fire alarm systems It outlines basic principles should be considered in the application of early warning fire and smoke detection Operating characteristics of detectors and environmental factors which may aid or prevent their operation are presented protection engineers mechanical and electrical engineers fire service personnel fire designers and installers should find the contents both educational and informa this information is based upon industry expertise and many years of experience is intended to be used only as a technical guide The requirements of applicable codes standards as well as directives of the Authorities Having Jurisdiction AHJ should followed In particular NFPA 72 for installation and testing of systems is a key element the effectiveness of smoke detection systems N N A C A S H N O L O G Y M O K D E O R 1 Pinnacle Laser Smoke senses the earliest of combustion that provides early warning of fire Its high sensitivity balanced with high stability to minimize false alarms an ionization detector Pinnacle quickly senses a fast fire Like a photoelectric detector it quickly senses slow smoldering fire But unlike these detectors Pinnacle quickly identify both types of fire works on the same principle as a photoelectric When a particle of combustion crosses the light it causes the light to scatter which signals the But the difference between an LED light emitting beam and a laser beam is like the difference a butter knife and a razor The 100x sensitivity of product means heads up to the first particle of com This in itself is not enough to convince Pinnacle signal an alarm technology gives you fast response detection high sensitivity applications such as clean telecommunications centers or computer areas where any damage is too much early warning perfor is comparable to technology In independent tests have as good as or bet than traditional aspirating systems without the cost of installation Unlike an aspirating system Pinnacle can the location of the fire Faster response and pin accuracy can make the difference between a minor and a major catastrophe where the patented algorithms come into play dis between transient signals caused by airborne the first puff of smoke Before these special were developed laser detectors were useful in extremely clean environments No longer By the sensitivity of the detector in the control panel can protect many environments where rapid and pinpoint accuracy are critical adjustability means Pinnacle can be finely tuned to each local environment within a global system laser diode and precision optics make this detector to smoke as much as 100 times more than a standard photoelectric sensor with potential for false alarms might expect such a sensitive smoke detector to be to false alarms Not so with Pinnacle It uses pat on board algorithms to check for the presence of before alarming The results super sensitivity with stability Day night sensitivity Dust smoke discrimination Automatic test Maintenance alert Reliable Reasonable cost 2 high sensitivity with superior early warning for proven resistance to false alarms cost in installation and maintenance accuracy detector can be used for detection of fast flaming slow smoldering fires the precise location of the fire reducing time extinguish it overall cost 3 rapid growth in tele and com technology and man has fueled a need for extremely early warning detection Today a major fire is not required to create a catastrophe facilities data processing and com rooms clean rooms traffic control centers all can easily shut down even in the presence of small amounts smoke And in some of these environments even a little can mean a big disaster sooner the fire can be detected the lower the potential That makes archives and museums where irreplace documents and artifacts are housed ideal candidates early warning systems technology makes good sense in any environment there is a substantial cost of downtime or a signifi investment in installed equipment To cut response even further this technology is best used where interface is available Note Pinnacle is listed as an open area smoke Unless specific codes or standards exist to the standard guidelines for spacing and placement be followed Applications stations rooms rooms to avoid smoke fumes water vapor or fog levels of airborne dust archives and buildings vehicle exhaust or other that cause particles M N S O R 4 It Works principles of are similar to of photoelectric tech In a photoelectric smoke detector an LED emits into a sensing chamber that is designed to keep out light while allowing smoke to enter Any particles

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