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Tracer Controls MP 501 Controller 2001 Tracer MP 501 controller is a multi purpose controller to provide direct digital control for ventilation and air conditioning equipment controller can operate as a stand device or as part of a building system BAS between the controller a BAS occurs via a LonTalk Comm5 link Tracer MP 501 provides a single loop with the following output 2 stage tri state modulating and Vdc analog The controller can be in two possible modes Comfort Controller SCC or SCC mode the Tracer MP 501 to the LonMark SCC profile controls space temperature to an setpoint mode supports the following Heating control loop Cooling control loop Two pipe heat cool automatic using a communicated loop temperature generic mode the Tracer MP 501 control flexibility in a variety of that do not necessarily a LonMark profile The control accepts inputs of the following temperature pressure flow or parts per million ppm mode supports many including Fan speed control based on duct pressure Pump speed control based on water pressure or flow Humidifier control based on space or relative humidity The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective LonTalk and LonMark from Echelon Corporation Rover Tracer and Tracer from Trane 2001 American Standard Inc 2 and outputs 4 5 6 architecture 7 diagrams 9 11 and outputs MP 501 inputs and outputs Analog inputs mode zone temperature zone setpoint mode 4 mA input Binary inputs mode occupancy mode enable disable Outputs 2 stage tri state modula or 0 Vdc analog mode fan on off mode interlock device on off the enable disable binary Generic point for use with a Tracer building automation system input shared with occupancy inputs pass information to the automation system They do not affect the operation of the Tracer outputs installation Tracer MP 501 is suitable for indoor in a variety of locations labeled screw terminals ensure wires are connected quickly and A compact enclosure design installation in minimal space control a single proportional integral and PID control loop the Tracer controller controls an output on a measured input value and a setpoint The output can be as a 2 stage a tri state or a 0 Vdc analog signal control to the active setpoint PID loop Tracer MP 501 provides a single loop with adjustable PID control which allows control to be for a variety of applications SCC mode the Tracer MP 501 to the LonMark SCC profile In mode the controller does not to a specific LonMark profile supports standard network variable SNVTs Both modes via the LonTalk protocol allows the Tracer MP 501 to be used a Trane Tracer Summit system as as other building automation that support LonTalk and unoccupied in SCC mode only the input works with a motion sensor or a time clock A value from a building system can also be used input allows the controller to use setback temperature interlock in generic mode only the input works with a time clock or binary switching device to enable disable the controller process When the control output is driven to a 0 default condition or cycling fan in SCC mode only the fan can configured to run continuously or on and off automatically during operation The fan will always in unoccupied mode override in SCC mode only the timed function for after hours allows users to request unit by the touch of a button on the temperature sensor The override is configurable with a range of minutes Additionally users can the Cancel button at any time to the unit back into unoccupied output test the Test button on the exercises all of the outputs in This feature is an invaluable tool that does not a PC based service tool communication Tracer MP 501 can share data with LonTalk based controllers Several can be bound as peers to data such as setpoint zone and heating cooling mode temperature control applications more than one unit serving a large space can benefit from this which prevents multiple units simultaneously heating and Tracer MP 501 dimensions are in Figure 1 1 Tracer MP 501 dimensions 5 16 in mm 24V GND POWER OUTPUTS in mm 3 8 in mm SENSOR 5 8 in mm 7 8 in mm architecture Tracer MP 501 can operate on a Summit building automation see Figure 2 on a peer to peer see Figure 3 or as a stand device Tracer MP 501 can be configured the Rover service tool for Tracer or any other PC based tool compliant with the standard This tool can be to a communication jack on a temperature sensor or at any location on the LonTalk communication link 2 Tracer MP 501 controllers as part of a building automation system Summit Workstation Ethernet or ARCNET SUMMIT fin radiation controlling pressurization SUMMIT unit link temperature 5 o tool tube with control valve static sensor fan with frequency VFD 3 Tracer MP 501 controllers on a peer to peer network 5 zone tempera sensor for multi MP 501 controllers fan coils a large space coil 4 Tracer MP 501 controller wiring diagram SCC mode diagrams 4 shows a general wiring diagram the Tracer MP 501 controller in SCC stage or drive closed stage or drive open on off Vac output 0 Vdc 24V GND POWER OUTPUTS SENSOR used or input 5 zone Only one type of output can be used at one 2 stage tri state modulation or analog 5 Tracer MP 501 controller wiring diagram generic mode 5 shows a general wiring diagram the Tracer MP 501 controller in mode stage or drive closed stage or drive open device on off Vac output 0 Vdc 24V

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