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Tracer Summit Automation System 2003 Tracer Summit building automation BAS provides building control a single integrated system A climate lighting scheduling consumption and other features can all be and managed by Tracer Tracer Summit building automation consists of building control units and PC Workstations with Tracer software BCUs provide building control through to building equipment as heating ventilating and air HVAC equipment A operator uses either a PC or the operator display screen on the BCU to perform operator tasks The PC communicates to BCUs a dedicated Ethernet ISO IEC or ARCNET ANSI 878.1 local network LAN or on a Control Protocol Internet TCP IP compatible network access to the system is using either a modem in the or an Internet connection with a Summit Web Server The PC can communicate using up one network connection and two dial connections simultaneously Summit software turns complex into simple consistent operations Tracer Summit can any type of HVAC equipment gives the additional benefits of an Comfort system when it is with Trane HVAC equipment In Tracer Summit can also to other building systems such fire alarms and lab hood controls Summit PC Workstation software available with three add on software Tracer 100 Tracker Package Building Package and Enterprise Package For more see PC Workstation capabilities on page 10 following products that are to Tracer Summit are also to meet ever increasing management needs Tracer Energy Services and Tracer Tenant Services For more see Companion products page 14 learn more about what Tracer Summit do for a facility see System on page 8 Specifications on page 16 for more details on Tracer Summit The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies CenTra Climate Changer Horizon IntelliPak Integrated Comfort Precedent ReliaTel Series R TCM Tracer Summit Trane Traq UCP1 UCP2 VariTrac VariTrane Voyager from American Standard Adobe and Acrobat from Adobe Systems Incorporated ARCNET from Datapoint Corporation from ASHRAE LonTalk and LonMark from Echelon Corporation MODBUS from Schneider Inc Netscape Navigator from Netscape Communications Corporation Windows and Explorer from Microsoft Corporation 2003 American Standard Inc 2 and benefits 4 of operation 4 of service 5 plant control 5 control 5 override 5 air system VAS 5 air quality control 5 programming 5 multiple facilities 5 alarming 6 scheduling 6 smoke control 7 7 integration 7 architecture 8 interface 9 Workstation 9 display 11 Summit Web Server 11 control 12 control 13 chillers 13 airside equipment 13 unitary equipment 13 field installed controllers 13 products 14 Summit Energy Services 14 Summit Tenant Services 15 16 Workstation 16 16 PICS 19 PICS Workstation 20 and benefits tasks include Viewing the status of the building Changing setpoints Viewing and modifying schedules Responding to alarms Viewing historical report information Performing timed overrides daily operator accesses these tasks clicking a toolbar button located at the of the Tracer Summit system see Figure 1 help Workstation software includes a online help system for with system functions and and dialog windows Summit Users Network Tracer Summit Users Network is a Web site designed assist Tracer Summit system owners operators Members log on to to learn about their Tracer Summit system articles frequently asked FAQs and access to GCC support resources Members also upgrade their system with packs and version upgrades operator training operators training provides up to hours of training complete with evaluations and certification This can be used for offline training can also be accessed from within Summit as a user tutorial Tracer Summit system is designed provide solutions needed by building and daily operators The system be quickly installed programmed commissioned to run reliably A user interface combined with a of pre engineered system makes this possible applications work together to the comfort of people in the while minimizing energy use of operation daily operator is the most critical of the system Extensive usability helps make Tracer Summit PC software intuitive and easy use in a laboratory environment preliminary software If software prove difficult to use they are until testers can more easily daily tasks 1 View building status in Tracer Summit override a part of the Area Control application timed override feature enables occupants and management to override HVAC and lighting to an occupancy status can perform overrides from the sensor the BCU operator display Tracer Summit PC Workstation or the Tracer Summit Web see the Timed Override button in 2 air VAS Tracer Summit variable air volume system VAS control coordinates air units and VAV boxes within a VAV units are assigned to the unit that supplies air to A VAS control starts up and shuts the system to assure proper static control Energy saving including static pressure and ventilation optimization available as standard VAS control air quality control air quality is an issue of rising from the perspectives of as well as governmental and liability Tracer Summit monitors and maintains air quality used in conjunction with Trane dampers Tracer Summit can adjust intake of outdoor air to ensure with ASHRAE standards programming powerful custom programming CPL allows system for specific applications CPL routines are created to equipment calculate and values and perform sequences multiple facilities

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