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Tracer Controls ZN517 Unitary Controller 2003 Tracer ZN517 unitary controller digital control that is similar to of a wall thermostat It supports the types of heating ventilating air conditioning HVAC equipment 2 heat 2 cool rooftop unit with economizer control 4 cool rooftop unit with optional econ control 2 stage heat pumps with optional and auxiliary heat control Split system Tracer ZN517 unitary controller can as part of a Trane Integrated system ICS or as a stand device it is part of a Trane ICS the Tracer unitary controller enables a automation system BAS to functions such as scheduling alarming and remote The Tracer ZN517 with both a Tracker and a Summit BAS by using a LonTalk communication link The Tracer can also communicate with other control systems that are with the LonMark Space Controller SCC profile it is a stand alone device the ZN517 unitary controller can be using a Rover service tool the communication jack of a sensor inputs isolated Occupancy or generic Fan status inputs Space temperature 10 k thermistor Setpoint input 1 k potentiometer Discharge air temperature k thermistor Universal input 4 mA or generic Outdoor air temperature 10 k or generic outputs Supply fan Cool 1 compressor 1 Cool 2 compressor 2 Heat 1 reversing valve cool 3 Heat 2 auxiliary heat cool 4 Exhaust fan or generic Economizer open Economizer close points points are available for use with Tracer Summit building automation Binary input shared with occupancy Analog inputs shared with universal and outdoor air temperature Binary output shared with exhaust The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective com Integrated Comfort Rover Tracer Tracker and Tracer Summit from Trane and and LonMark from the Echelon Corporation 2003 American Standard Inc and unoccupied occupancy input works with a occupancy sensor or time A communicated value from a automation system through the LonTalk link can also be used input allows the controllers to use setback temperature fan or operation operation can be configured to run continuously or cycle on and automatically protection Minimum on off timer Extends life by preventing equip from unnecessary cycling Fan status The controller can moni fan status to protect equipment damage If airflow is not after the fan is commanded and following a 60 second delay a message is generated and operation is disabled Fan off delay The fan stays on for an 30 seconds adjustable to the residual cooling or heating to be circulated through the Filter maintenance status is based the cumulative hours of operation the unit fan The controller has a that can be reset When the limit expires the Tracer ZN517 controller sends a message to BAS indicating that unit mainte is recommended outdoor air conditions are suitable for the zone the Tracer ZN517 will both the outdoor air damper return air damper between the minimum damper position and to provide economizing or free override timed override function for after operation allows users to request operation from a push button on the zone sensor Additionally users can the CANCEL button at any time to the unit back into unoccupied output test the Test button on the activates all binary outputs in The test is used to verify that outputs are operating properly controllers can share data when are bound together Shared data include setpoints zone mode and fan status having more than one unit a single large zone can benefit this feature which prevents units from simultaneously and cooling Tracer ZN517 unitary controller the guidelines of the LonMark profile and communicates using LonTalk protocol This allows the to work with other control that support LonTalk and the profile installation controller can be installed in existing and competitive HVAC equipment major wiring changes and labeled screw terminals ensure wires are connected quickly and A compact enclosure design installation in minimal space heat cool mode Tracer ZN517 unitary controller determines whether or cooling is needed to maintain levels without the need to adjust unit controls The measures the zone and setpoint temperature uses a proportional integral to maintain zone temperature the setpoint air tempering cold weather outside air brought into space for ventilation can cause the air to be too cold Although overall space may be at the correct occupants near vents may discomfort Discharge air minimizes this problem by the discharge air temperature The controller is in the heating mode Outside air is being used for The discharge air temperature is than expected stops when the occupied setpoint is exceeded control ventilation the amount of air based on CO2 levels is to as demand control The Tracer ZN517 unitary modulates the economizer in direct response to the CO2 controlling the volume of outside The allowable CO2 threshold is user and specifications 1 Tracer ZN517 unitary controller dimensions 5 16 in mm in mm 24V OPN CLS 5COM5COM POWER POWER OUT OUT UNIT UNIT OUTPUT OUTPUT INPUTS INPUTS INPUTS INPUTS SENSOR SENSOR 2 5 8 in mm 3 8 in mm 7 8 in mm listings compliance CISPR 22 Class B and C UL listed Energy management equipment 94 5V UL flammability rating for use Part 15 Class A CFR 47 Figure 1 5 3 8 in 137 mm 6 7 8 in 175 mm 2 in 51 mm Vac 24 Vac nominal Hz VA and 12 VA maximum per binary utilized environment From to 160 to 70 humidity From 5 to 90 environment From to 185 to 85 humidity From 5 to 95 architecture Tracer ZN517 can communicate both a Tracker BAS and a Tracker BAS Figure 2 shows Tracer unitary controllers on a Tracker network left side and on a Tracer BAS network right side 2 Tracer ZN517 unitary controllers on BAS networks BAS network Summit BAS network PC Summit Workstation Ethernet or ARCNET unit wire 2H 2C rooftop unit wire 4C rooftop unit wire heat pump wire 2H 2C rooftop unit wire 4C rooftop unit wire heat pump

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