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Tracer Summit cid 1 Bridge Summit interface to RTU and other protocols 2002 the communications gap automation systems play a role in providing comfort and safety in today building environments intelligent systems use devices to and monitor diverse areas such heating ventilating and air HVAC lighting security fire and life safety systems between these systems information sharing which and simplifies building control monitoring order for communication to occur devices need to share a protocol language The control unit BCU of a Tracer building automation system has native capability to communicate devices that use both BACnet and protocols With BACnet at the level and LonTalk at the level Trane has the flexibility communicate with dozens of suppliers provide open system solutions 2 many devices do not use of these protocols Trane Tracer communications bridge solves problem by integrating devices that other protocols into the Tracer building automation system bridging the communications Using the communications bridge help to reduce the cost and of developing integrating supervising building systems and MODBUS protocol MODBUS protocol is an open protocol that is widely among control devices in industrial applications Equipment as variable frequency drives fume controllers power monitoring and many more communicate MODBUS The Tracer Summit bridge enables this variety of devices that use the protocol to connect to a Summit building automation The standard bridge is equipped with the Remote Terminal Unit RTU and an Ethernet or Internet IP BACnet driver software and complete and installation are also provided The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective BACnet from ASHRAE LonTalk from Echelon Corporation MODBUS Schneider Automation Inc Tracer and Tracer Summit from Trane 2002 American Standard Inc features size compact four inch square size of the frees up desk space and provides flexibility This unit packs a lot performance into a small package installation Tracer Summit communications ships with all necessary cables adapters to make installation quick easy Because the 24 Vac power is readily available in most the device can be installed anywhere in the building mounting options are supported the standard wall mount or an alternative Deutsche Norm DIN rail option for mounting for other protocols drivers addition to the MODBUS RTU protocol communications bridge can also support common protocols and custom from many different vendors but not limited to the following Allen Bradley Bell Gosset Square D Liebert Notifier 1 Tracer Summit communications bridge connected to network status indicators make daily operations easier and intuitive the Tracer Summit bridge incorporates indicators to display the status of following parameters Power Ethernet communications Serial port communication Network communications management critical alarm data is crucial to a secure and comfortable environment The bridge the transmission of alarms to a Summit workstation or BCU This application eliminates the need create custom software routines leads to lower setup costs and consistent reliable operation scheduling and equipment connected to the Tracer system using the bridge can be from the central workstation optimal operation Additionally this can be included in Tracer Summit reports and trend logs and network and driver compatibility Ethernet or IP and MODBUS protocols are pre installed requirements Vac Class 2 customer provided and outputs RJ45 EIA 232 connection screw terminal EIA 485 connection 10BaseT RJ45 Ethernet connection environment temperature 32 humidity 10 non including brackets in long 4.0 in wide 2.0 in high cm long 9.0 cm wide cm high lb 1.5 Kg listings Listing energy management energy management Canada part 15 Class A EN55022 Class B 2 Tracer Summit communications bridge in a BACnet network Link OK OK Summit RTU Summit workstation or BACnet IP building unit unit module module to 32 devices applications where the input output I O wiring is greater than 3 meters Trane using a suitable optical isolation device Order Number Number August 2001 Location Crosse American Standard Company more information contact local district office or us at comfort trane com has a policy of continuous product and product data improvement and reserves the right to design and specifications without notice

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