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Tracer Controllers AH541 Version 2 Controller 2004 Tracer AH541 air handler controller available for field installation on and variable air volume air handlers The Tracer AH541 provides the same as the Tracer AH540 which is factory installed on air handlers Tracer AH541 controller supports a of air handler configurations that to the LonMark Space Controller SCC profile or the Air Controller DAC profile configurations include Cooling only unit Heating only unit without bypass Heating only unit with bypass Cooling and heating unit coils in order without bypass Heating and cooling unit coils in this with bypass for the heating coil Heating and cooling unit coils in this with bypass for both coils Heating cooling changeover single Heating cooling changeover single with electric heat options Hydronic Steam Electric staged options Hydronic DX up to four stages models following Tracer AH541 models are Enclosure with door mounted opera display Enclosure without operator display Frame mounted controller board and circuit board in plastic frame assembly following operator display models available Stand alone operator display Portable operator display Door mounted operator display kit more detailed information on each see models on 4 The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective LonTalk and LonMark from Echelon Corporation Rover Tracer and Summit from American Standard Inc 2004 American Standard Inc 2 2 Models 2 Models 4 AH541 models 4 display models 4 6 static pressure control 6 dehumidification 6 status 6 binary input 6 output test 6 override 6 integration 6 display 6 architecture 7 and outputs 8 interior 9 10 11 requirements 11 consumption 11 environment 11 environment 11 11 11 11 clearances 11 11 interface 11 clock 11 11 listings compliance 11 models AH541 models Tracer AH541 models are These models are illustrated in 1 on page 5 For dimensions and information refer to on page 11 AH541 in a NEMA 1 enclosure Tracer AH541 with enclosure of a termination board a circuit and a line to low voltage mounted in an enclosure with National Electrical Association NEMA standards The enclosure has a door and plenty of room for input output wiring The complete is UL listed controller is available in a NEMA 1 with or without an operator touch screen mounted in the Enclosures without displays can be at any time with a stand alone display or a retrofit enclosure with a display Tracer AH541 frame mounted Tracer AH541 of a circuit board and a board mounted in a two modular frame assembly This design allows the circuit board be stored at a safe location while and wiring are completed frame mounted Tracer AH541 can mounted in existing equipment or display models touch screens are as an option for all Tracer models The operator display are illustrated in Figure 2 on 5 operator display stand alone operator display is for permanent local to a Tracer MP580 581 or controller Version 1.5 or The stand alone operator display a 7 day time clock to provide capabilities for the controller The 10 foot meter connector cable can be up to 150 feet 46 meters additional wire operator display portable operator display is for temporary connection to a MP580 581 or AH540 541 Version 1.5 or higher The touch screen is in a resin enclosure which is in a padded protective carrying A ten foot three meter connector is included door mounted operator retrofit door mounted operator is a complete enclosure door an operator display touch screen in it Use this kit to upgrade an that does not have an display The operator display with any Tracer MP581 or Tracer controller 1 Tracer AH541 models AH541 with optional operator display Tracer AH541 AH541 without operator display 2 Operator display models door mounted operator display operator display in carrying case operator display static pressure control the variable air volume VAV mode Tracer AH541 controls duct static When the supply fan is on the compares the duct static input to the duct static setpoint adjusts the supply fan speed If the controller does not a valid duct static pressure it generates a diagnostic and down the unit dehumidification AH541 controller provides both and unoccupied control for space control applications The control sequence is on unit configurations with or DX cooling and hydronic or reheat A hardwired or space relative humidity is required status Tracer AH541 can monitor the filter in one of two ways By tracking the cumulative run hours the supply fan When the run time the controller sends a notice the operator display and Tracer system that maintenance is From a positive proof switch wired to input IN11 binary input occupancy binary input can be as a generic binary input for as a network point with the Tracer system The generic input does affect unit operation output test manual output test allows a service to quickly check all outputs for operation Each press of the Test on the circuit board steps through outputs energizing them in override emergency override mode can be from the Rover service tool or Tracer Summit system The operator use this mode to pressurize or purge the air from a

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