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Tracer Controls VV550 551 VAV Controllers 2004 VV550 and Tracer VV551 variable volume VAV controllers provide digital control for VAV boxes support the following VAV control Space temperature control Flow tracking Ventilation flow control Tracer VV550 VAV controller is factory installed on Trane VAV boxes Figure 1 The VV551 VAV controller is available field installation for a variety of VAV Figure 2 1 Tracer VV550 controller 2 Tracer VV551 controller same board as Tracer VV550 the Tracer VV550 and Tracer VAV controllers use the same controller both offer the same range of application and control The Tracer VV551 VAV includes additional labor packaging features for field applications VV550 551 VAV controllers can as part of a Trane Integrated system ICS as part of a management system from manufacturer or as a device it is part of a Trane ICS a Tracer VAV controller enables the automation system BAS to functions such as scheduling alarming remote and VAV air system coordination The controller with a Tracer Summit over the LonTalk communications The controller can also with other building control that are compliant with the Space Comfort Controller profile VV550 551 VAV controllers can be using the Rover service They have the following inputs and Figure 3 on page 6 inputs Space temperature 10 k thermistor Space setpoint 1 k potentiometer Primary discharge air temperature k thermistor Primary air flow inputs Occupancy or generic outputs Air valve close Air valve open Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 or fan On Off The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective compa ICS Rover Tracer Tracer Summit and Trane of American Standard Inc LonMark and LonWorks of the Echelon Corporation 2004 American Standard Inc All rights reserved 2 and benefits 4 calibration 4 flexibility 4 tracking 4 flow control with tempering 4 versus remote reheat flexibility 4 and unoccupied operation 4 override 4 pin from the Trane zone sensor 4 sequence 5 test function 5 minimum and maximum from zone sensor 5 controller compatibility 5 5 diagram 5 diagram for Tracer VV550 551 VAV 6 architecture 7 sensor options 8 and specifications 9 requirements 9 environment 9 environment 9 9 with enclosure Tracer VV551 9 inputs 9 input 9 outputs 9 listings compliance 9 lists 11 and benefits calibration VV550 551 VAV controllers calibrate the flow each time the box transitions the unoccupied state This eliminates need to initiate schedule calibration most installations The exception is sites in which case the Tracer building automation system can used to initiate schedule calibration flexibility VV550 551 VAV controllers can ventilation in the following Fixed occupancy ventilation setpoint Scheduled or otherwise calculated setpoint Occupancy sensor to switch between and reduced ventilation CO2 sensor for demand controlled flexibility gives owners and facility an option to simply select one several effective solutions for ventilation tracking VV550 551 VAV controllers can be applied in flow tracking In a flow tracking supply and exhaust boxes paired together for the purpose of either positive or negative static pressure This feature the installer to quickly define the of the supply and exhaust boxes without the need for custom flow control tempering VV550 551 VAV controllers have designed for ventilation flow applications These applications a fresh air unit or self contained unit ventilation boxes to provide fresh air to a floor area With this the installer can quickly the flow control boxes and set the system without the need for programming versus remote reheat VV550 551 VAV controllers can be to have local and or remote This configuration flexibility the controllers to be applied a broad range of VAV and unoccupied occupancy input on a Tracer VV550 VAV controller works with a motion sensor or a time clock to the occupancy mode An request can also be from a building system to determine the of the controller Whether stand or combined with a occupancy request a VV550 551 controller can be used an occupancy sensor to save whenever a space is vacant override timed override function for after operation allows users to request operation by the touch of a button the unit zone sensor Additionally can press the CANCEL button at time to place the unit back into mode This occupancy minimizes energy use by running system only as scheduled or as after hours pin from the Trane sensor installation scenarios require to the SERVICE button on the Access to this button typically a ladder or a lift The Tracer VAV controller allows a to replicate pressing the button by pressing the zone ON button This feature the need for accessing the button saving the technician and energy controller VV550 551 VAV controllers are with the latest generation of control products The controllers over a LonTalk link This allows Tracer VAV controllers to exist on same communication wire as other controllers and to share data with as required VV550 551 VAV controllers are with LonWorks technology are LonMark certified They follow guidelines of the LonMark Space Controller SCC profile As the Tracer VV550 551 controllers control system integration diagram Figure 3 on page 6 VV550 551 VAV controllers an automatic commissioning With a discharge air sensor installed this exercises the air valve fan and in the box and records the air temperature before and the action This allows the installer easily checkout the operation of the and commission by exception The from this test is retained in the for immediate reports or at a later date for comparison test function Tracer VV550 551 VAV controller a manual test button which a technician to easily exercise outputs of the controller On button presses the steps through a predefined that exercises all of the

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