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Tracer Controllers MP580 581 Controllers 2003 and outputs MP580 581 controllers have the inputs and outputs illustrated Figure 8 on page 9 Twelve universal inputs Six binary outputs Six analog outputs One static pressure input can add up to four optional modules to a Tracer MP580 controller Each expansion module the following points Six universal inputs Four binary outputs Four analog outputs 9 on page 10 illustrates input and wiring on an expansion module Tracer MP580 programmable is available factory installed on following Trane air handlers M Series Climate Changer air handlers T Series Climate Changer air handlers AireSystems custom air handlers Tracer MP581 programmable is available for field installation a variety of heating ventilation and HVAC applications MP580 581 controllers support a variety of building control including Air handler control Support of the LonMark Space Com Controller SCC profile and the Air Controller DAC profile air handlers Control of mechanical room equip including cooling towers boilers and heat exchangers Supervisory control of an HVAC net for mid sized buildings Nearly any control process needed in commercial building models following Tracer MP580 581 models available Tracer MP580 factory installed on Trane air handlers Tracer MP581 in a NEMA 1 enclosure or without a touch screen Frame mounted Tracer MP581 termination board and circuit in a plastic frame assembly operator displays are in the following configurations Door mounted operator display Portable operator display Stand alone operator display models and accessories page 4 for more information 2003 American Standard Inc The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies LonTalk and from Echelon Corporation AireSystems Climate Changer Rover T Series Tracer and Summit from Trane 2 2 models 2 and outputs 2 models and accessories 4 MP580 581 models 4 display models 4 module 4 6 programming 6 display 6 6 6 architecture 8 diagrams 9 interior 11 12 14 MP580 581 14 NEMA 1 enclosure 14 MP581 14 MP580 14 display 15 expansion module 15 models and MP580 581 models models of Tracer MP580 581 are available Tracer MP581 are illustrated in Figure 1 MP580 on Trane air handlers Tracer MP580 controller is available with the following air handlers M Series Climate Changer air handlers T Series Climate Changer air handlers AireSystems custom air handlers controller is factory wired to all actuators valves starters and items shipped with the air handler testing of connected points minimize field commissioning and expense Tracer MP581 frame mounted Tracer MP581 of a circuit board and a board mounted in a two modular frame assembly This design allows the circuit board be stored separately while installation wiring are completed The frame model can be installed in new or existing enclosures MP581 with NEMA 1 enclosure Tracer MP581 with enclosure of the frame assembly in an enclosure compliant with Electrical Manufacturers NEMA type 1 standards A voltage transformer is The enclosure has a hinged and plenty of room for input and wiring The assembly is UL listed 1 Tracer MP581 models display models touch screens are as options for all Tracer MP580 controllers The operator display are illustrated in Figure 2 on 5 operator display door mounted operator display with any Tracer MP581 or Tracer controller A retrofit kit is to add an operator display to an Tracer MP581 The retrofit kit a complete enclosure door with operator display mounted in it The operator display is not for factory mounted Tracer controllers operator display stand alone operator display is for permanent local to a Tracer MP580 581 or controller The stand alone display includes a 7 day time to provide scheduling for the controller The 10 foot meter connector cable can be up to 150 feet 46 meters operator display portable operator display is for temporary connection to a MP580 581 or AH540 541 The operator display touch is mounted in a resin enclosure is placed in a padded protective case A 10 foot 3 meter cable is included module can use up to four EX2 expansion to add extra points to a Tracer controller The expansion communicate with the on an IEEE 485 I O bus up to ft 300 m from the controller The expansion module is available in models EX2 module in a metal enclosure EX2 module with a plastic cover EX2 models are illustrated in 3 on page 5 1 lists the points available on MP580 581 controllers and the modules Refer to on page 14 for details each type of point 1 Total points available of pres input to 4 MP581 with operator display MP581 without display MP581 2 Operator display models operator display Tracer MP581 controllers operator display display 3 EX2 expansion modules in metal enclosure with plastic cover Expansion modules factory installed with MP580s consist of the circuit board only The shown here are available for field installation programming Tracer graphical programming TGP shown in Figure 5 on page 7 the need for line by line The TGP editor is a component of Trane Rover tool TGP has the following Easy to learn is as as assembling logic blocks with a mouse much like creating a chart Powerful TGP editor has built in functions and more than 50 logic for building programs Self documenting can be and used as pictorial represen of sequences of operation see 6 on page 7 Programs are stored in the controller with their graphical representa and can be uploaded viewed re used Offline programming TGP programming can be done connecting to a Tracer controller Program simulation simulate TGP programs offline programmer can verify test and controller operati

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