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Tracer Summit Control System 2004 science needs is focused on understanding the business challenges of life companies We understand the competitive pressures and the time lines required to in this highly regulated industry enforcement efforts by the Food and Drug Administration FDA compliance management facility and IT resources on alert massive costs of a compliance or shortcoming cannot be Trane is responding to these with solutions that include equipment compliance controls and validation templates is designing solutions for facilities to research development and product stability the life science industry Our systems provide tightly environments for genome projects devices and a full range of products systems technology to give you business advantage with Trane can provide a competitive advantage in fast paced world of life science You from maximum uptime plus savings from the constant of all compliance data Our relationships with the specialized capable of successfully designing constructing life science facilities help ensure the seamless success this entire critical process the only major HVAC and controls Trane can provide the solution bundling and job benefits that others cannot The integration of Trane HVAC and controls teamed with corporate engineering and validation and the local support of the organization provides a single business partner for Increasing speed to market hotly pursued success factor in life science industry Incorporating reliable building systems Reducing risk Saving installation and operational Managing regulatory compliance Summit Critical System part of Trane s Life Science Environment offering the Summit building automation provides complete building through a single integrated The Tracer Summit Critical System is an enhanced version Tracer Summit that provides complete management for all FDA areas from research to FDA compliance enabled control is designed with extensive and reporting capabilities meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 The Tracer Critical Control System will your facilities aligned with FDA on Century practices providing User security by authority level Audit trails for event and access Display and reporting capabilities for environmental parameters The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or ARCNET from Datapoint Corporation BACnet from ASHRAE LonTalk from Corporation Modbus from Schneider Automation Inc SQL Server from Sybase CenTraVac Tracer Summit Trane and VariTrane from American Standard Inc Explorer Microsoft Windows and Windows XP from Microsoft Corporation in the States and other countries 2004 American Standard Inc All rights reserved 2 science your needs 2 systems and technology give you a business advantage 2 Summit Critical Control System 2 and benefits 4 applications 4 management 4 trail 4 security 5 and data integrity 5 documentation and consulting 5 and trends 6 integration 6 Trane advantage 6 architecture 7 8 8 Workstation 8 historian 8 control unit 8 PICS 9 PICS Workstation 10 and benefits phones and pagers For flexibility e mail alarm routing also be scheduled to send alarm to different e mail addresses on the day of the week or even time of day the alarm is received the on call operator can utilize the many of the Tracer Summit alarm log troubleshoot the issue The alarm log alarms to be easily accessed or deleted by approved operators A series of filters can used to show only the desired and critical alarms can be set up custom messages and graphics to in alarm resolution integrity is maintained throughout all alarms are immediately in the secure audit trail upon All user activities associated alarms such as acknowledgements deletions are also captured by the trail trail Tracer Summit Critical Control provides a detailed audit trail to track alarms and electronically signed activities From a critical chiller to a setpoint change these records are seamlessly stored a secure data historian Each entry in audit trail includes a date and time operator name object name and description of the alarm or activity This can be sorted by date time name or by individual system and a report can be displayed and printed Figure 1 the ease of automatic capture and retrieval of data the Tracer audit trail is just the tool you to ensure the long term reliability performance of your building with the added result of FDA system reviews 1 Audit Trail Report generated from Tracer Summit applications Tracer Summit system has the most library of pre engineered applications in the These applications such as and variable air volume control bring an added level of to potentially complex Pre engineered applications Consistent solutions independent of making systems easier to and service Reduced risk of re inventing solutions a per project basis Solutions engineered with Trane that are pre tested in the for safe reliable and energy equipment and system Quick startup and checkout installed costs management increasing amounts of valuable and complex systems in today science facilities system alarms can be costly if the identification and resolution is to accomplish Considerations must be made after the alarm to prevent the abnormal from reappearing including the root cause and corrective actions the system ability to route and alarms must match the needs of person or persons using the system Summit Critical Control System the flexibility and the robustness to meet even the most user needs an alarm occurs in the system program immediately routes the according to the administrator configuration Configuration include routing the alarm to a printer or any of the Tracer workstations on the system can also be sent by e mail to any that has the ability to receive messages such as PCs PDAs security unauthorized access is a but very important function of building automation system The of the systems and data utilized by life science companies makes an issue of critical importance security model offered by the Tracer Critical Control System is and can be customized each user Figure 2 Security include Unique confidential user d

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