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Tracer Summit Automation System 2001 Tracer Summit building automation BAS provides building control a single integrated system A climate lighting scheduling consumption and other features can all be and managed by Tracer Tracer Summit building automation consists of building control units and PC workstations with Tracer software A building operator either a PC workstation or the display touch screen on the to perform system operator tasks PC workstation is on a dedicated or ARCNET local area network or on a Transmission Control Protocol TCP IP network A modem can be for remote access and with the system The are linked to heating ventilating air conditioning HVAC equipment other equipment to control the Summit software turns complex into simple consistent operations Tracer Summit can any type of HVAC equipment gives the additional benefits of an Comfort system when it is with Trane HVAC equipment In Tracer Summit can also to other building systems such fire alarms and lab hood controls Summit PC Workstation software available with three add on software Tracer 100 Tracker Package Building Package and Enterprise Package For more see PC workstation capabilities on page 11 learn more about what Tracer Summit do for a facility see System on page 9 Specifications on page 14 for more details on Tracer Summit The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective ARCNET from Datapoint Corporation BACnet from ASHRAE Modbus Modicon Windows and Internet Explorer from Microsoft Corporation LonTalk Echelon CenTraVac Climate Changer Horizon IntelliPak Integrated Comfort R Thermostat Control Module Tracer Tracer Summit Trane Traq UCP1 VariTrac VariTrane Voyager from Trane 2001 American Standard Inc 2 Summit Solutions 4 of operation 4 operator training 4 plant control 4 control 5 air volume VAV system control 5 air quality control 5 programming 5 multiple facilities 5 alarming 5 management 6 7 Architecture 9 interface the PC workstation 9 communication 11 control BCU 11 level UCMs 13 14 workstation 14 14 PICS 17 PICS workstation 18 Summit Solutions Tracer Summit system is designed provide solutions needed by building and daily operators The system be quickly installed programmed commissioned to run reliably A user interface combined with a of pre engineered system makes this possible applications work together to the comfort of people in the while minimizing energy use of operation daily operator is the most critical of the system Extensive usability helped make Tracer Summit PC software intuitive and easy use in a laboratory environment preliminary software Areas of that proved difficult to use refined until testers could easily common daily tasks tasks include Viewing the status of the building Changing setpoints Viewing and modifying schedules Responding to alarms Viewing historical report information daily operator accesses these tasks clicking a toolbar button located at the of the Tracer Summit system see Figure 1 operator training operators are provided a complete training program This up to four hours of training with user evaluations and This program can be used offline training and can also be from within Tracer Summit as user tutorial 1 View building status in Tracer Summit plant control Tracer Summit chiller plant control provides intelligent control comprehensive monitoring of components including Multiple chillers Related pumps and valves Cooling towers and ice tanks chiller plant control application system efficiency and runtime to optimize system application also provides status that can help with The status information what is happening in the chiller as well as what to expect next on current operating conditions chiller plant control program is for both comfort and industrial as well as control including thermal storage dual fuel chiller systems control control coordinates HVAC and lighting for a specific of the building controllers and binary outputs are as members of a common which makes it easy to change do scheduling and perform at the PC workstation air volume VAV control Tracer Summit VAV system control air handling units and VAV within a building A VAV unit is to the air handling unit that air to it A VAV system control up and shuts down the system to proper static pressure control air quality control air quality is an issue of rising from the perspectives of as well as governmental and liability Tracer Summit monitors and maintains air quality used in conjunction with Trane dampers Tracer Summit can adjust intake of outside air to ensure with ASHRAE standards programming powerful custom programming CPL allows you to customize system for specific applications CPL routines are created to equipment calculate and values and perform sequences multiple facilities assist in managing multiple facility the Tracer Summit Enterprise Package includes utilities help the daily operator work more For example a typical task is the same or similar changes to schedules across multiple The Enterprise Management offers the ability to perform schedule changes which means one simple schedule change can be across an entire enterprise or of facilities 2 Schedule recurring tasks alarming the Building Management Package the Enterprise Management Tracer Summit also offers a to schedule after hours forwarding alarms to different persons via e mail utility closely models how an after and weekend call center is Once the alarm message has received the on call person can the powerful filtering features of Tracer Summit alarm and event log assist in troubleshooting any or system issues with the facility in question Building Management Package and Enterprise Management Package allow for flexible scheduling of administrative tasks to occur times when the normal system is not at work for instance at Certain tasks such as gathering and alarm data from the remote can be scheduled to occur at a time see Figure 2 or when telephone rates are the lowest if connections are used management scheduling scheduling is one of a most important energy saving Making sure that equipment only when it is needed ensures that usage is minimized can view the schedule for the serving an area of the 3 Time of day scheduling editor by going to the graphic for

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