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Tracer Controllers MP503 Input Output Module 2001 Tracer MP503 input output I O is a configurable multi purpose used to provide data monitoring binary control as part of a building system BAS between the module a BAS occurs over a LonTalk link Tracer MP503 I O module is in a enclosure It can monitor a variety of sensed conditions and equipment start stop or other states based on commands from a peer or higher level BAS Tracer MP503 I O module includes universal inputs and four binary inputs of the four universal inputs can be for use with any of the Trane 10 k thermistor temperature 0 mA or 0 Vdc sensor Binary dry contact device outputs of the four binary outputs can be independently as from a peer control device higher level BAS The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective LonTalk and LonMark from Echelon Corporation Rover Tracer Tracer and Tracker from Trane 2001 American Standard Inc flexibility MP503 I O modules may be anywhere in a building up to four monitoring and or binary control points are needed By the Tracer MP503 to a network input data can be sent and commands can be sent to the MP503 Tracer MP503 I O module can be in a wide variety of monitoring and applications Typical applications monitoring of the following Room duct or water temperatures Relative humidity in rooms or duct Pressure sensing including duct pressure and hydronic differen pressures Status of fan or pump operation outputs can be used for on off including Fan control Pump control Lighting control Staging of heating or cooling installation Tracer MP503 is suitable for indoor in a variety of locations Screw that are clearly labeled ensure wires are connected quickly and A compact enclosure design installation in small spaces inputs of the four universal inputs can be configured using the Trane Tracker light commercial system or the Rover service software Each input is individually selectable input signal type and the value of the signal is then transmitted to any peer device on the LonTalk or BAS 24 Vdc sensor supply Tracer MP503 has a built in 80 mA Vdc power supply capable of 4 mA transmitting sensors capability eliminates the need for power supplies Any of the four can be used with 4 mA analog to digital conversion four universal inputs of the Tracer provide very precise sensing of variables through the use of analog to digital status LEDs diodes LEDs located on Tracer MP503 board indicate the of each of the four binary outputs LED lights up whenever its binary output is energized a glance at these visual indicators can tell if the associated controlled is on or off default options of the four binary outputs has a state provided to ensure fail safe of controlled equipment in the of a system level communications The output can be configured to to off or on or can maintain its state ambient operating Tracer MP503 has an extended temperature range from 158 from to 70 Because this extended range the module can placed in locations not suitable for building control modules If the is used outdoors it should be in a suitable NEMA 4 enclosure included for weather protection Tracer MP503 I O module using the LonTalk communication protocol The implementation of this protocol is referred to as Comm5 Comm5 the controllers to operate in peer configuration and to with other compatible control systems The module LonMark standard network types SNVTs allowing the to be used with the Trane Tracer and Tracker BMTK building systems as well as other control systems that support LonTalk protocol 1 Tracer MP503 dimensions 5 16 in mm in mm 3 8 in mm 5 8 in mm 7 8 in mm architecture Tracer MP503 can operate on a Summit building automation see Figure 2 a Tracker BMTK or as part of a peer to peer Tracer MP503 can be configured the Rover service tool for Tracer or other PC based service compliant with the EIA CEA 860 This tool can be connected at accessible location on the LonTalk communication link 2 Tracer MP503 I O modules as part of a building automation system Summit Workstation Ethernet or ARCNET control examples Fan control Pump control Lighting control Staging of cooling heating service examples Fan or pump state Temperature Static pressure Relative humidity Carbon dioxide CO2 unit link MP581 diagram 3 Tracer MP503 I O module general wiring diagram relay on off relay on off Vac relay on off relay on off 2 wire mA sensor LonTalk 3 wire Vdc sensor listings compliance Directive 89 336 EEC 50090 2 2 1996 50082 1 1997 50082 2 1995 61326 1 1997 50090 2 2 1996 CISPR 22 Class B 50081 1 1992 CSPR 22 Class B 55022 1998 CISPR 22 Class B 61326 1 1997 CISPR 11 Class B and C UL listed Management Equipment UL 916 94 5V UL flammability rating for use Part 15 Subpart B Class B 20 Vac 24 Vac nominal at Hz 10 VA plus 12 VA per binary output 7 8 in long 5 3 8 in wide 2 in high mm 137 mm 51 mm environment from to 158 from to 70 humidity 5 non condensing environment from to 185 from to 85 humidity 5 non condensing to digital conversion resolution supply for inputs Vdc 80 mA Vac powered relays 12 VA maximum Order Number Number Location Crosse Trane Company American Standard Company more information contact local district office or us at comfort trane com The Trane Company has a policy of continuous product and product data improvement it the right to change design and specifications without notice

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